Exception Gets A New Gameplay Trailer, Launch Date Set For August 13

It looks crazier than ever.
A new gameplay trailer has dropped for Exception.
A new gameplay trailer has dropped for Exception. Traxmaster Software

A new gameplay trailer has dropped for developer Traxmaster Software’s debut title Exception, and its looking more and more like a game changer for the platforming genre.

For those who are not in the know, Exception is a 2.5D action platforming game set inside an elderly woman’s virus-ridden computer. At the risk of crashing the whole computer system, you (the hero) must battle and eradicate the invading malware led by a villainous virus named “Titan”, before all is too late.

Exception plays like your usual platformer, although it puts its own spin on the niche genre by utilizing both the 2D and 3D space in-game. As seen in the trailer, when your player character touches an orb, it spins the whole level. Up becomes down, left becomes right, along with all sorts of other overwhelming stage changes. Also, you are being endlessly bombarded by projectiles and hindered by obstacles that are littered on the screen. While all of this is happening, synthwave plays in the background that will pump you up for your every jump, dash, dodge, and kill.

The one minute trailer released on the game’s official YouTube channel showed pretty much the same gameplay as the first, but it did serve to showcase the craziness to be expected from Exception. I did, however, gather that this game may present a problem to those very susceptible to motion sickness, as there is quite a bit of movement going on in the screen at any given time. That said, the sheer amount of information and particles on the screen seem both daunting and exciting at the same time, for both newcomers and veterans to platformers.

Exception boasts “nearly two hours of Synthwave tracks” that are sure to fit the vibe of the game perfectly. A leaderboards system will of course be present for purists and newcomers alike. Two years after its initial announcement in PAX West 2017, it seems that Exception still cannot come sooner with its release date just over two weeks away.

Exception currently has a release date on Steam for August 13. No date has been announced yet for its launch on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch.

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