Eville January 26 Update: Welcome to Season 2 of Eville!

Eville January 26 Update
Eville January 26 Update Steam

Eville recently received a major update that introduced the new Season 2 Pass, along with some blocking improvements, match reward changes, and several bug fixes.

Season 2 Pass

The Season 2 Pass offers 60 levels of new content, including new avatars, accessories, emotes, dances, stickers, and Silver Crowns. Buying the pass will also unlock all premium rewards of completed levels, plus XP boosters to let players earn additional XP.

Blocking Improvements

The latest update features blocking feature improvements. Now, players can block others from joining their lobby and even learn if that blocked individual is present in a lobby their joining in. It should be noted that they can still join and play with them if they want.

Match Reward Changes

In this update, the developers made some tweaks to Silver Crown rewards. Now, players will receive 10 crowns after losing a match and 25 after winning a match. The daily cap has been replaced with a weekly cap, so now, players are entitled to receive rewards even in long sessions.

Eville January 26 Update

Other Changes
  • More Lobby Languages: You can now select from more languages for your lobby.
  • Poltergeist (Item): Now will also disappear after dealing damage 3 times or after 180 seconds, whatever comes first.
  • Thieves can now check the inventory of dead players with their "Plunder" ability.
  • Your purchased DLCs now sync when you open your equipment screens, so Season pass purchases and DLC items should appear without the need to restart Eville.
  • Mouse controls can now be inverted.
Bug Fixes
  • Canceling animations would cause the player to be frozen in place indefinitely. Examples: Throwing Paint and revealing as Mayor while throwing, claiming a role while destroying a barricade, using a Sticker while damaging an Ice Wall.
  • The first herb of each type would always spawn at the same location.
  • Most passive abilities were not working on the Shape-Shifter.
  • You were unable to report a body after a player disconnected while being burned in the cage.
  • Items could spawn on top of each other.
  • Fixed controller issues in the Player Options menu.

You can read more about the patch notes here.

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