Evil West First Update Adds FOV Slider, Camera Shake Toggle, and More

Evil West has been delayed from its original September 20 release date to November 22.
Evil West has been delayed from its original September 20 release date to November 22. Focus Entertainment

After 10 long days since release, the developer of Evil West has finally launched the game’s first update. Update 1.0.4 brings highly-demanded features and several bug fixes; some improvements were only made to the PC version.

A toggle option for Camera Shake has been added to the game options. Players can visit the Lore menu’s Missions section to restart their current mission. Camera movement isn’t hard bound to arrow cursor keys anymore, and a toggle option for sprint action is introduced.

An FOV slider for PC players is introduced as well. This feature will be much appreciated by ultrawide monitor users. The EULA screen now has an exit button when you first launch the game.

  • The player is no longer blocked while replaying the Remote RI Outpost mission.
  • The player can’t get blocked any more while destroying the glamor seals in the Smoke and Mirrors mission.
  • The player won’t get blocked inside the Man of People mission while destroying the monster nests. Note: the mission needs to be restarted from the Lore menu for this fix to work.
  • Fixed the analogue sticks player movement not working on some controllers.
  • Fixed a combat sound staying active after the enemy’s death for one of the large enemies.
  • Fixed the player being able to throw the enemy out of the arena in The Questionable Cargo mission.
  • Fixed the cases where starting or loading the mission could take too long and the screen would never fade out from black.
  • Fixed some of the large enemies’ HP pools being wrong if the player switches difficulty mid-encounter.
  • Fixed the player being able to shoot Revolver even on cooldown, when combined with swapping from the Scorcher.
  • Fixed one of the traversal interactions being active during the encounter in the Where Oil Tastes Like Blood mission.
  • Fixed the player animation stuttering while using the Rifle close to the enemy.
  • Fixed the Crippling Rod not always working properly against the Highborn enemy ranged attacks.
  • Fixed the players being able to get soft-locked if they both died during tutorial in The First Spark mission.

Further details about Evil West Update 1.0.4 are available on Steam.

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