Evil Dead: The Game Blacksmith and Two New Weapons Introduced in Hail to the King Update

Hail to the King Update
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Saber Interactive launched a new patch for Evil Dead: The Game recently. The Hail to the King Update introduced a new support survivor called the Blacksmith, as well as two new weapons that players can use to eliminate the Deadites.

The Blacksmith has arrived in Evil Dead: The Game. He is a tanky support survivor that can forge weapons for his teammates using the scraps he picks up from the field.

Two new weapons have also been introduced in the Hail to the King Update. The first one is the Rapid Fire Crossbow - a new ranged weapon that truly holds up to its name due to its high fire rate.

The second is the Quarterstaff. This is a new melee weapon that also boasts a fast attack speed, perfect for whacking the enemy to death.

Patch Notes

  • New Single Player Mission: Out of Tricks
  • New Premium Outfits:
    • Lord Arthur: Rightful King
    • Warrior Ash Williams: S-mart Halloween
    • Warrior Ash Williams: Sellsword
    • Henry The Red: Berserker Cosplay
    • Henry The Red: Red Pikeman
  • Legacy of El Brujo: Now, besides starting with an amulet, Pablo can carry one more amulet and provide more shield to the nearby teammates when using an amulet
  • Infernal Camouflage: When Pablo shields a teammate, they will receive infernal camouflage for 8 seconds
  • Leaders Pink F improvement: Now, leaders can apply more pink F
  • The player will be able to press the "interact" button before reaching an interactable and still collect it
  • The upper arrow no longer appears after refreshing the additional content in the collection after purchasing something in the in-game store
  • Survivors take damage inside the car when hit by the demonic units
  • Possessed survivors no longer get stuck in the car if the player runs over it and gets out abruptly
  • Henrietta's Gas skill duration will no longer stack per Boss Summon if the “Lingering Gas” skill is active
  • Stamina will not be spent without sprinting if the player presses the sprint button at the end of some animations
  • Players won't get soft-locked if they send a Report and then rapidly send Friend Requests during the "Please wait" pop-up
  • Demons will no longer see weapons with a red outline, even on a character with no fear if it was dropped by scared Survivor previously
  • Survivor Pablo’s Legacy of El Brujo extra shield amount is set at a value of 20 for 8 seconds and includes an additional charge
  • Survivor Annie Knowby’s Range increased from 3 to 5, and Health, Stamina, and Shield increased from 3 to 4
  • Puppeteer "Puppet Master: Power possesses" Cooldown increased from 60 seconds to 80 seconds

So, what can you say about the Evil Dead: The Game Hail to the King Update?

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