Everspace Developer Rockfish Games Teases New Space Title With 'A Vivid Open World'

Rockfish Games, the developer behind Everspace, announces a new space game which is set to be revealed on August 19.
Rockfish Games, the developer behind Everspace, announces a new space game which is set to be revealed on August 19. Rockfish Games

Everspace continues to be one of the most underrated roguelikes in existence today, with its heady formula of arcade space shooting and flying mixed with a brilliantly challenging core loop. However, there were some critics and players that deemed it a bit lacking, despite the obvious joys that come from the space shooter, and this has been noted by the developer Rockfish Games in their latest update on the game’s website. Having said that, instead of just patching the game or giving it a new batch of content, the studio announced that it will be releasing another space game, this time aimed at those who want something more, but with the engaging core formed by Everspace. Check out the tweet from Rockfish Games below.

Heading over to the website, there’s a countdown timer as to when the announcement will be released, which is happening in five days on August 19. In the statement, Rockfish Games confirms the rumors of them working on another space game, this one made with feedback from Everspace.

The most common piece of feedback is, of course, an open-world mechanic with some classic RPG elements, but set within the same visual style and gameplay of Everspace. Rockfish notes that players “will be able to explore a vivid open world featuring persistent progression in our new space game.” This should be a wonderful surprise to people who absolutely loved playing Everspace, but hated the quite unforgiving death system which can get repetitive once you find yourself dying a lot.

I’m quite interested to see how Rockfish will end up approaching this new space game, as I don’t think there was essentially anything wrong with Everspace. Sure, there’s a higher difficulty cap involved, but that’s to be expected for any roguelike in general. I do think that there’s a lot of potential that comes with utilizing that vibrant and iconic art design of Everspace into an open-universe arcade space shooter, so here’s hoping it can be as good or better than what the former achieved.

Expect our coverage of the official announcement of Rockfish’s new game come August 19.

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