Everspace 2: Stinger's Debut Update Introduces New Ships, Story Content, and Overhauled Crafting System

Stinger's Debut Update
Stinger's Debut Update Steam

A massive update for the spaceship single-player shooter Everspace 2 is now available. The Stinger’s Debut update introduces tons of new content, including new ships, new story quests, and a crafting system that doesn’t rely heavily on RNG as it used to. Read further to learn more.

New Story Content

The Stinger’s Debut update doesn’t offer much story content, but it brings a new main mission that concludes the Early Access portion of the story. Furthermore, the second part of the side mission, Parasite, is included in this patch. This multi-stage side mission is where Adam will require the help of his hacker friend Fallon Pango to stop the spread of a computer virus all over DMZ.

The Stinger

Stinger Steam

There’s a new ship that you can use called the Stinger - the game’s third light fighter class ship. It focuses on electronic warfare and it can deal 50% more primary damage when using ship devices.

What’s more, the ship’s Void Swarm ultimate will instantly reset device cooldowns and release a swarm of aggressive microbots that deal damage to everything in their path. Upon return, these bots will restore your ship’s hull based on the damage dealt.

Better Crafting System

Overhauled Crafting System
Overhauled Crafting System Steam

For those who are new to Everspace 2, item blueprints are required before you can craft anything. One way to get them is to dismantle three of the same item at the same tier. This takes time and the developers know that. That is why they’re making it easier because enemies will now drop blueprints. Though the drop rate is infrequent. Still, it should help you get started with crafting a little bit faster than before.

Patch Highlights

  • Added new enemy faction: Okkar Prime
  • Added new voice recordings (no Text-To-Speech fallbacks in version 0.8)
  • Added new ship modules for heavy and light player ship classes
  • Added new companion perk for decreasing cruise mode charge duration
  • Added new weapons and modules
  • Added new "Sustained" weapon prefix that increases energy capacity
  • Parts, mineable resources, components, and catalysts are now stored in a separate crafting inventory, no longer occupying cargo or storage space
  • Crafting of components (formerly tech resources) and catalysts is now possible
  • Mining resources has the chance of spawning the same resource in a higher rarity
  • Increased player level cap from 20 to 22
  • Revised ore and crystal resources and properly distributed them among regions of all systems
  • Removed random spawns in the last stage of mission "The Convert"
  • Speedward shield will now also recharge during cruise drive

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official Steam page.

Everspace 2 is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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