EVERSLAUGHT: Hotfix v0.3.2 Brings Back Left-handed Mode; Adds New Slot to Backpack


EVERSLAUGHT is a VR action RPG where you traverse an ancient city filled with randomly-generated dungeons. An update just dropped that brings back left-handed mode. So, if you are one of those who have been clamoring for such a feature, then you can now rejoice.

Hotfix v0.3.2 implements other neat features as well. There is now an option that allows you to drop your current weapon or swap with another by pressing and holding down the “A” button. It also adds a new slot to the backpack allowing you to carry three melee weapons in total.

In addition, some improvements can be expected. The gold that you lose on death is decreased to just 50%, previously 100%. Moreover, the game’s overall difficulty is decreased on your first dungeon run. This change makes it so that you can have a feel for the dungeon and that you won’t have a hard time exploring its different areas.

But more importantly, weapon drops are increased across the board, meaning that you are likely to gain another weapon more frequently now.


  • Improved enemy hitboxes and hit detection accuracy
  • Improved enemy attack damage frames, enemy attacks should feel fair now
  • Enemies now come closer to the player
  • Decreased enemy attack ranges to make them easier to hit with short weapons
  • Increased Zombie attack speeds to compensate for range changes
  • Fixed bug that caused enemies to freeze after knockback
  • Increased range of blunt weapons
  • Improved hit collision model of weapons
  • Adjusted melee weapon damages
  • Adjusted hit strengths to improve blunt weapon feeling
  • Decreased weapon degradation per hit
  • Added proper effects to weapon breaking
  • Adjusted shotgun particles to reflect their range
  • Increased Boltslinger damage by 30%
  • Decreased Boltslinger unlock cost to 5000
  • Fixed skylights not affecting enemies
  • Improved performance of several levels
  • Adjusted several arena spawns
User Experience (UX)
  • Class selection now displays the current level and which skills are improved upon leveling
  • Adjusted wave start and arena ending indicator effects
  • Adjusted Audio log and several other sound effect volumes
  • Added error message in case of missing HMD or wrong OpenXR Runtime
  • Fixed left-handed mode
  • Fixed compare UI of weapon racks
  • Fixed visual indicator of introduction weapon
  • Adjusted hit strength message to not be displayed as often

EVERSLAUGHT Hotfix v0.3.2 is now available on PC.

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