EVERSLAUGHT Major Update 1 New Weapons, Enemies, and More


EVERSLAUGHT recently received its first major update that added new weapons, enemies, and arenas. The update has also fixed several bugs.

The developers have added a new weapon called the BOLTSLINGER, a ranged weapon that can shoot at a high frequency. Players can use this weapon to counter enemy archers and help keep their distance against exploders. Plus, the developers have added new Blunt melee weapons that are very useful against armored enemies. If your enemies are weaker, these weapons can also knock them back.

The developers have introduced new enemies and improved some of the older ones. The new enemies are:

  • Corrupted Militia: A remnant of the city guard equipped with 1 of 3 melee weapons.
  • Heavy Guardian: This is part of the Guardian family. It is equipped with two hammers that allow it to do multiple attacks in quick succession.
  • Brute: It is a deformed monster that doesn’t look like a big threat. But its range and attack damage is the highest in the lower tier enemies. So, keep your guard up while fighting this monster.

EVERSLAUGHT Major Update 1

General Improvements
  • Gauntlet Rotational Interface (GRI) has received an update, selecting options using the GRI has become much faster and more intuitive.
  • Several nasty frame rate killers have been taken care of
  • Fixed camera clipping of light rays
Balancing changes
  • Increase difficulty on all player levels.
  • Give enemies a stronger identity and purpose, especially in the horde.
  • Make the 3 classes, Warrior, Vanguard, and Rogue feel more impactful.
Other Changes
  • Dash duration increased from 0.32 to 0.42 seconds
  • Dash speed lowered from 13 to 10.5
  • Overall mobility is unchanged, this will allow for more controlled steering while dashing.
  • Increased enemy amounts in all levels, especially in the early game
  • Enemy types are now unlocked at lower player levels
  • Guardian armor scaling adjusted
  • Increased number of arena waves
  • Changed enemy spawn positions in all levels
  • Decreased breakable amounts
  • Healing cost decreased from 12 to 10
  • Healing amount increased from 20 to 25
  • Gauntlet weapon damage now additionally scales with player level
  • Warrior fist damage increased by 30%
  • Rogue movement speed bonus at level 20 increased to 43% from 20%
  • Rogue crit chance at level 20 increased to 40% from 27%
  • Elemental damage (Shock & Fire) Increased by 50%
  • Chain lightning damage increased by 50%
  • Slow effects are stronger now
  • Exploder damage increased from 24 to 32
  • Exploder damage to surrounding enemies increased by 40%
  • Exploder blood drops increased from 24 to 30

You can read more about the update here.

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