EVE Online: Patch 20.08 Brings Improvements to Photon UI and More

Patch 20.08
Patch 20.08 CCP Games

The newly released Patch 20.08 for EVE Online doesn’t bring any new content. It does, however, implement certain improvements to the Photon UI.

For the uninitiated, the Photon UI is a project that aims to create a more unified style for EVE Online’s user interface. That said, Patch 20.08 has added “Anomalies” to the in-space right-click menu for easy access. Furthermore, some changes to the Drones window have been implemented, such as better tooltips and improved feedback when dragging and dropping Drones.

In terms of bug fixes, the AIR Career Program screen no longer gets stuck while docking. On top of that, the issue where the Faction Warfare agency section takes a long time to load has finally been resolved.

Here are the other notable changes implemented in this update:

  • Air Career Program
    • Careers, Activities, and Goals can be dragged into chat and mails to have their details shared.
  • User Interface
    • It is now possible to multi-fit strategic cruisers.
    • The Apply Skill Points windows will automatically set the number of skill points needed to train to the next level.
  • Photon UI
    • Moved the "Toggle Market Ticker" option to the top right "More" menu of the window.
    • Planet type is now displayed in the in-space right-click menu.
    • Clicking on the sub-menu of Asteroid Belts, Planets, Stargates, Stations, and Anomalies will now warp the ship to 0m. This is also the case with the Moons sub-menu as well as clicking the Customs Office.
  • Air Career Program
    • Increased Reward Crate volumes to match the items inside to prevent accidentally overloading of ships cargo hold when crate is opened while inside a ship. Also because of physics.
    • Reward Crates are now in the strong boxes category of the market.
    • Fixed some overlapping issues between text and icons in different languages for the Career Program.
  • Graphics
    • Edencom Heavy GunStar turret wrecks now have an icon.
    • Monument camera "Look At" locators have been tweaked to no longer encounter zoom issues.
  • PvE
    • Cash Flow For Capsuleers (1 of 10) will now only complete after all enemies within the site are destroyed.
    • Aura will again instruct players to flee the site during Cash Flow for Capsuleers (4 of 10).
  • User Interface
    • Adjusted Customization label position in the Character Customization screen to avoid overflow.
    • Security color for systems will now appear correctly in both the Contracts and Contract details windows.
    • Aligned the used Calibration meter to its boundary in the Fitting window.
    • Item names in the Trade window no longer overlap when dropped on character portrait.
    • The performance of the Personal Assets window has been improved.
    • The Apply Skill Points window no longer has overflowing elements.
    • The D-Scan graphic now always follows your ship.

The complete patch notes can be found on EVE Online’s official website.

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