EVE Online Now Supports Variable Refresh Rate in Patch 20.09

Patch 20.09
Patch 20.09 CCP Games

EVE Online is almost 20 years old at this point and developer CCP Games wants the game to use new technologies to keep it engaging, both for long-time fans and new players. Thus, new technical improvements have been implemented - most notably the support for variable refresh rate.

In Patch 20.09, players who have compatible AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards, as well as Freesync or G-Sync capable monitors, can now enjoy variable refresh rates in EVE Online. Enjoy smoother space exploration and combat with this feature!

Aside from that, EVE Online now uses the new sound prioritization engine after some testing and tons of player feedback. Simply put, this is a feature that dramatically reduces CPU usage from the audio system during large space battles, without compromising overall sound quality.

Patch Notes

  • There has been major refactoring in how we handle controllers for ships, which improves performance. This is most noticeable when many ships are rendered at the same time, like in fleet fights. The memory usage of the client is also significantly improved in these cases. Our internal testing with 1,000 ships in our "Cube of Death" scene has an approximate 1.5GB RAM reduction. We’ve also improved how long it takes for the client to load and unload ships, which gives a smoother gameplay experience.
  • Removed the "Resource Cache" option from settings, as it now defaults to being enabled for all players. It has been set to "enabled on" on new installs for a long time, as it can give a much better experience with very little extra RAM being used.
  • Photon UI is entering its Beta phase by going opt-out. This vital step will help collect data on what works and what doesn't, meaning that Photon UI can become the best version of itself.
  • As part of Photon UI's style unification, the NeoCom has now been converted over into the Photon design language, with improvements to layout and notifications.
  • Added the ability to set a shortcut key for the Frigate Escape Bay in the main menu.
  • Fixed a defect which prevented the additional sleeper waves from spawning in Class 4 Relic and Data sites in wormhole space.
  • NPC Mining Operations (Diamond Rat NPC Miners) will no longer mine Polycrase and Moissanite ore.
  • Improved guidance while viewing and moving items between inventory locations in the AIR NPE.
  • Set Destination button highlights will no longer linger during Enforcer Career Agent missions.
  • Training Containers in hacking tutorial sites have had their reset timer increased to 60 seconds.

The full list of changes can be found on the official site.

EVE Online Patch 20.09 is available on PC.

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