EVE Online Welcomes the Doctor in Latest Crossover Event

The universe faces one of its greatest threats.
The universe faces one of its greatest threats. CCP Games

EVE Online launched a new crossover event, which is sure to be a treat to sci-fi fans, particularly Whovians. The Interstellar Convergence introduces Gallifrey, the home of the Timelords, to the game. This limited-time crossover event runs until February 1 and offers players daily access to gifts, bonuses, and other items, each inspired by the beloved Doctor Who show.

Now if you’re a Whovian, you probably have an idea where this is headed. Just in case you’re not, this latest event puts everyone in the crosshairs of one of the Doctor’s greatest enemies, the Daleks.

The Main Event

The first task the players need to do in the main event is to uncover and investigate various strange cosmic signatures appearing across the cluster, known as the “Warp Matrix Convergence” sites. By investigating the first site, players get the materials they need for the next part of the adventure.

Players can use these discoveries to come up with a special filament that takes them to an all-new area of space, exclusive to this crossover event. For some strange reason, the fabric of this mysterious realm has converged with New Eden and breached the star cluster for a limited time.

This special area of space offers hidden artifacts and materials that players can use to create further filaments. Eventually, these should lead them to where the Daleks lie in wait. Defeat the Dalek vessel and receive numerous exclusive rewards from another universe, such as Doctor Who -inspired Skins, pilot apparel, and boosters.

Daily Login Rewards

Players who log in daily throughout the event can claim several rewards and a chance to grab a generous supply of Skill Points and new auto-injecting skins and boosters. Those who log in for 13 of the event’s 19 days can claim all the available rewards. Even better, upgrading to Omega allows players to claim both the Alpha and Omega daily login rewards.

Themed Content

There’s a total of four themed packs available, which include apparel inspired by the Doctors’ iconic style along with special items that can help players on their quest to find the hiding place of the Daleks. Don’t forget to get your hands on the 12 special Interstellar Convergence SKINs being offered in the New Eden Store throughout the event.

Learn more about this new event here.

EVE Online is available on PC.

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