Europa Universalis 4 DLC Third Rome Released, Time To Be Russia

DLC out now Paradox Interactive

Europa Universalis 4 is Paradox’s grand strategy game that lets you play as virtually any country in the world during the Early Modern period of history. That means the Discovery of the New World, its colonization, the Reformation and Napoleonic wars are all yours to explore. I’ve played through about two full EU4 games and a few more that I didn’t finish. This all amounts to 150 hours of play. In that time, one of my biggest ‘complaints,’ if you could even call it that, is colonizing the New World is so fun and rewarding that I found myself picking the same four countries again and again and ignoring all the options in Eastern Europe and beyond.

The new update focuses on Russia, one of the great powers of the era and the one that barely dipped its toe in the colonizing game. Check out the major features of the DLC below:

Tsardoms and Principalities:

Third Rome will add new ranks to the Russian Government that come with unique abilities and bonuses. Tsars will also have the power to claim entire States instead of the normal province. This is a unique power in the game to my knowledge.


You can commission works of art celebrating the Church. These will give your Nation buffs depending on which Saint you choose to revere. While this almost feels like the game going in the direction of fantasy with Saints granting you powers, in my mind the idea is that the more glorious the Church appeared to people, the more it would have an affect on them as a method of control.

Siberian Frontier

This desolate region now acts as an area of colonization. You can slowly spread into this region with no fear of native uprisings.

New Units

Utilize the fierce Streltsy to keep the population in line. These soldiers are very powerful but raise the cost of stabilizing the Empire.

This all has me very excited to play as Russia, if only I didn’t have about 30 hours left in my game as France. Let me know what you think of the DLC.


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