Europa Universalis 4 DLC: What Other Immersion Packs Should Paradox Make?

What Other Immersion Packs Should Paradox Make For Europa Universalis 4?
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Europa Universalis 4 has been out for several years, but Paradox Interactive just recently introduced a new subtype of DLC for it: immersion packs. Immersion packs are smaller content packs focused on individual regions or nations, so rather than rolling out new global mechanics alongside major regional changes (a la EU4: Mandate of Heaven), they have a tight focus and less content overall. The first immersion pack, Third Rome, revamped the Russian states and is a lot of fun. Paradox has strongly suggested more immersion packs are on the way sooner or later, so… what can we hope for? What countries still need the special EU4 immersion pack touch?


Europa Universalis 4 DLC: The Regions That Could Use Future Immersion Packs


As the name of the game suggests, Europe is the most well-developed region in Europa Universalis 4… but that doesn’t mean it can’t benefit from a little more love in terms of immersion packs. All the traditional European Great Powers are already well-fleshed out (as was Russia—but now it’s even more fleshed out). But what about Scandinavia, and some new mechanics to represent the North’s unique position in Europe and the factors that led Sweden to emerge as a bona fide Great Power? Or little Switzerland, a hotbed of the Reformation and Europe’s first federal state? Even Scotland could benefit.

And who’s to say immersion packs have to stay focused on regions? Why not time periods? The Thirty Years War has tons of mechanics behind it already, but rarely does it actually happen, and it almost never becomes the massive Great Power conflagration in the crucible of Germany it was in real life. Likewise, the Protestant Reformation in general—especially outside of Germany, and double especially in France—could benefit from an immersion pack. The French wars of religion are represented in game, but they’re never a serious threat to France, and they should be.


East Asia

The Far East just got a big revamp in Mandate of Heaven, so it’s less likely to see an immersion pack anytime soon—more likely, we’ll get further tweaks and the possible return of the Mingsplosion or power tweaks to the Manchu tribes. An immersion pack centered around the Mongolian hordes, though, would probably be well received and interesting: These regions haven’t received a revamp since The Cossacks in 2015. The Southeast Asian states—either in Indonesia or in Indochina—have never seen much love from Paradox or from players, but a lot could be done to flesh out these areas.


The Middle East and Africa

The Ottomans have tons of flavor, but the rest of the Middle East could seriously use some additional mechanic—especially major players like The Timurids and The Mamluks, not to mention Persia, which often emerges from the almost-inevitable Timurid collapse. Other small nations in the region, like Georgia and the Arabian states, could also be fleshed out more, but don’t expect immersion packs for every small interesting state out there—regional powers and major regions like Russia are probably our best bet.


The Americas

The Aztec region, Inca region and Maya region have all been fleshed out repeatedly in past DLC, but who’s to say we can’t have even more? The other Native American tribes are all small and weak, but players love them anyway, so why not show them some love too?



The most compelling region for an immersion pack right now, and my personal hope for the next Europa Universalis DLC, is probably India. There are so many reasons why India would benefit from an immersion pack: Like Russia, it’s a single region with many states and an outsize influence on the game (albeit usually as a colonial vector for other neighbors). Unlike Russia, it’s home to a huge diversity of different cultures and a unique history as a crossroads between Muslim and Christian conquerors and Hindu, Sikh and Buddhist inhabitants. India’s incredible wealth and huge population could have made it a superpower in the era of Europa Universalis 4; but other fates befell the country instead. The region has some of its own features now, but is less fleshed-out than East Asia after Mandate of Heaven, while also being reasonably popular with players. It seems like a surefire bet for a future immersion pack—hopefully even the next one!

What do you think? What countries would you like to see additional Europa Universalis 4 DLC for?

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