Next Europa Universalis DLC Will Introduce Anglicanism And New Mission System

Next EU4 DLC Will Revamp England
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Christianity will get a new sect in the next Europa Universalis 4—and the king of England loves sects. PARADOX INTERACTIVE

The first 2018 DLC for Europa Universalis 4 is starting to come a little more into focus. Paradox Development Studio hasn’t yet revealed the name of the next DLC, which is an immersion pack centered on “one of the most played starting countries” in Europe. Now, a few weeks later, Paradox hasn’t told us what country that will be—but very, very safe money says it will be England. Here’s the latest about the likely new EU4 England DLC.


Europa Universalis 4: An England Immersion Pack DLC?

We’ve now heard about the first features that are officially part of the upcoming immersion pack DLC… and once you hear about them, you’ll be right with us in feeling quite confident that the next DLC is England-centric. Here’s our first clue: the next downloadable pack will, for the first time ever, introduce a new Protestant sect: Anglicanism. The Church of England. Anglicanism will be relatively hard to evangelize to other countries, at least beyond the borders of the British Isles, but will grant bonuses to development and open up new actions that can increase mercantilism, grant stability or simply give you more money. And, of course, it will let your monarch divorce their spouse whenever they darn well please.

In another nod to England (albeit a less utterly obvious one), the next EU4 DLC will introduce the concept of Industrialization and a new resource: Coal, a rare resource that can only be used after your country adopts Enlightenment. Coal is pretty powerful in general, but it’s most notable for the new manufactory it allows for: the Furnace, which grants +5 percent goods produced for your entire nation-state. As you would expect for a feature called Industrialization, this is a cumulative bonus that can catapult your empire to new levels of power if you can get enough of it. Bear in mind that in real life, England was the first country to industrialize, driven by its extensive natural coal resources. It will have those in EU4 as well.

The next free EU4 patch will totally revamp the game's mission system. Photo: Paradox Interactive

Both Industralization and Anglicanism will only be in the paid DLC, but the free patch accompanying it will bring a major overhaul to EU4’s mission system. Instead of the current system, where missions are random and many of them are repeating, with only some of them being nation-specific, in the new system all missions will be available from the beginning of the campaign. They’ll also come in tiers, with prerequisites, enabling both short-term and long-term goals. The mission system is intended to give more structure and long-term goals to a campaign, and it comes with a sexy new interface to spice things up.

We’ll learn more about EU4’s next paid DLC and free patch in the coming weeks, but for now let’s assume it will be centered on England—but that alone is pretty exciting, considering the major changes it will bring to the Reformation. What else would you like to see in the next DLC?

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