Eternal Warfare: Update 1.7.0 Adds Multiple New Features and Improvements

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Update 1.7.0 for Eternal Warfare is now available. It adds a plethora of new features - one of which is the ability to sell defense towers. This patch also brings improvements to the game’s AI.

Eternal Warfare is a 2D turn-based war and strategy game where you start with a single building and then work your way up to establish your army. You can unlock new weapons as you advance in the tech tree. It even supports online play of up to eight players per battle.

Anyway, Update 1.7.0 now allows you to sell your defense towers just like other buildings. This is a huge change considering that you can sell those towers when you need some quick cash.

In addition, the AI in Eternal Warfare has been improved in Update 1.7.0. For instance, the AI now knows how to properly manage supply by deploying supplier units to resupply others. They’re capable of retreating units when the supply is low as well.

Patch Notes

  • Added some missing information to the encyclopedia, like the required tech level
  • AI player moves now run slightly faster when the unit animation is skipped due to the fog of war
  • When uploading a map to the workshop you can choose the thumbnail to be either the minimap or a big in-game screenshot covering the whole map
  • It's now possible to start a skirmish battle with 0 money (make sure the map has ways to generate income)
  • Added a quick re-supply animation
  • Map author name now appears on the pre-game screen
  • Added "S" as a hotkey for Supply
  • Added an animation when a unit is low on ammo or fuel
  • Goes after neutral buildings more often
  • Captures neutral vehicles
  • Uses the self-destruct ability
  • The intel window didn't take into account the economic general when calculating the turn income
  • Resizing the map could leave units/buildings out of bounds
  • Long unit descriptions now properly break the line instead of leaking outside the window space
  • A supplier unit could supply itself
  • In an online non-simultaneous match, producing any unit would clear the fog for other players too
  • AI using the Quick Scope ability would get confused when controlling its indirect units
  • Opening the score graph past the turn 128 would crash the game

Eternal Warfare Update 1.7.0 is available on PC.

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