Eternal Return: Prepare for Slumber Party in Season 8

Time for a slumber party.
Time for a slumber party. Kakao Games

Season 8 of Eternal Return is finally here! Dubbed as the Slumber Party, it comes with a lot of updates and new content that everyone can enjoy. The highlight is the Battle Zone that offers a host of special areas where players can try out new ways to fight on Lumia Island. The goal is to collect data from test subjects found in extreme environments.

The thing to remember is that each different Battle Zone is unique. There are those that increase movement speed or improve Omnisyphon abilities, and there are even zones that recharge shields to absorb extra damage. As added motivation, there are prizes that can be received in these zones.

New Season Pass

Slumber Party introduces a new season pass which brings different exclusive in-game cosmetics. Rewards that players can get include "Festive Roar Li Dailin," “Bow Wow Yuki,” and "Beast Hyunwoo" skins.

Like the previous seasons, players can get access to the Season 8 Pack which gives them three additional characters, 10 new skins, and a special emote, to name a few. The pack is being offered at 50% off until January 18.

New Character

The new update also brings the talented marksman Theodore to the roster. Society tore his dream from his grasp and left him with nothing. By channeling the teachings from those who mentored him when he was a soldier, Theodore now works to better control his gift and help others.

Learn what Theodore brings to the game here.

New Event

Players are invited to join the newsletter subscription event and in return, they have the chance to get the sleek and exclusive "Luxury Masquerade Jenny" skin.

Here are other details of this event:

  • The Newsletter Subscription Event is going to be held until further notice.
  • Only those who have subscribed to the Eternal Return Newsletter get the event rewards.
  • Only one reward per account can be claimed.
  • The information that players input in the Newsletter Subscription Event is kept until the end of the event.

Eternal Return takes place on the deserted Lumia Island, where the seedy organization called AGLAIA is performing secret experiments on human subjects with the goal of perfecting a new race of extraordinary humans. Players can go search the island for materials to craft weapons and armor and be the last one standing. Eternal Return is available on PC.

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