The Eternal Cylinder Steam Release Date Set for October 13; New-Gen Versions Also Announced

Coming alongside the game’s “Anniversary Update.”
The Eternal Cylinder will release on PC via Steam as well as PS5 and Xbox Series on October 13, accompanied by the game's Anniversary Update.
The Eternal Cylinder will release on PC via Steam as well as PS5 and Xbox Series on October 13, accompanied by the game's Anniversary Update. Good Shepherd Entertainment

Publisher Good Shepherd Entertainment and developer ACE Team announced an October 13 release date for The Eternal Cylinder on PC via Steam, roughly one year after the game’s first release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Epic Games Store. Besides the long-awaited Steam release, new-gen versions are also coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, with both eligible as a free upgrade for their last-gen counterparts. To celebrate the upcoming release, Good Shepherd Entertainment launched a brand-new trailer which you can check out below.

The Eternal Cylinder has been described as one of the weirdest games in recent times, and this trailer certainly lives up to that. Set in an alien world teeming with surreal environments, exotic beings, and various awe-inspiring wonders, The Eternal Cylinder features players in the form of a tiny Trebhum, a small creature neither strongest nor the fastest, but can adapt well in most situations. That said, the Trebhum must survive the biggest planetary threat to its precocious existence: the Cylinder, a gigantic rolling pin-like structure that continually circles the planet, crushing everything in its path.

As the adaptable Trebhum, it’s up to you to be resourceful and mutate your species with new attributes and abilities to survive the onslaught of the Cylinder. This gargantuan shape also commands a legion of Dark Servants, and ultimately, it’s up to you and your clan to survive and save this alien planet.

The upcoming “Anniversary Update” will also arrive on the same date across all platforms, which includes new game content consisting of new enemy creatures and a new ability for Trebhums. Below is a list of new content and changes coming in the update:

  • New Creatures to Discover – Two new beings are roaming the world – approach at your own risk!
    • The Buddugh Gropp is a highly aggressive herbivore found in the tundra biome.
    • The Gharukuk is a large tripodal omnivore located in the desert.
  • New Mutation – Your Trebhum have developed a fiery new mutation that lets them shoot jets of flame from their trunks, a spicy defense against predators – especially those with fur!
  • New Graphics Options – You’ve never experienced The Eternal Cylinder like this before! Become even more immersed in this wildly vivid world with the following upgrades:
    • Steam/Epic Games Store – Enjoy 4K resolution and ray tracing.
    • PlayStation 5 – Choose between 4K or ray tracing modes, with support for haptic feedback and adaptive triggers on DualSense wireless controllers.
    • Xbox Series X – Choose between 4K or ray tracing modes (ray tracing unavailable on Xbox Series S).
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