Escape from Tarkov: Patch Features Lighthouse Location, New AI

Escape from Tarkov Patch 0.12.12
Escape from Tarkov Patch 0.12.12 Twitter/@bstategames

Patch for Escape from Tarkov can now be downloaded. It features a new lighthouse location, new AI, and new mechanics.

New Content

Located at Cape Dalniy, the lighthouse is an important strategic landmark that can be seen on the way to Tarkov. This was used as the main entry point for USEC units, and it has served as their base of operations. It was home to the Scavs at one point, but the original owners have returned, establishing their own order in the process.

Since this is the first iteration of this place, developers may expand the territory and introduce new bosses in the future.

In addition, a new AI type called the Rogues resides in the lighthouse. They are a group of ex-USEC operatives that previously worked at various private military companies. They are well-trained, armed, and dangerous.

The Rogues are lenient towards members of the USEC PMC faction. This means those from that faction will not be shot on sight, though will be warned if they get too close to their territory.

However, the same cannot be said if a USEC player comes from the BEAR PMC. Rogues will consider the player hostile and attack them without warning.

New Mechanics

Inertia has been added to Escape from Tarkov. This helps improve the game’s realism by making your movement and actions more lifelike. It manifests itself when you’re walking, strafing, sprinting, and so on.

Besides that, the mechanics for crouching and getting up have been expanded. The duration of these actions will now be based on the degree of weight overload. For instance, getting up drains your stamina. The amount of stamina spent now depends on the degree of overload and the number of changed stance bars.

Also, your weapons can now suffer from malfunctions in certain situations. Your gun may experience failure to eject, which means that the cartridge is jammed by the bolt. When this happens, the main culprit is the technical condition of the weapon, though it may be caused by overheating too.

Keep in mind that malfunctions cannot occur in new weapons or those guns with over 93% durability. Further, some weapons cannot suffer from certain malfunctions due to the nature, design, or mechanism of operation.

You can learn more about the latest update here.

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