Enlisted: Update Adds New Mechanic for Weapon Upgrading and More

Enlisted Update
Enlisted Update Darkflow Software

The developers of Enlisted have deployed an update that adds a new mechanic for weapon upgrading. Some important bug fixes and improvements have also been implemented.

New Mechanic

In Update, all weapons can now be upgraded using Bronze Weapon Orders instead of spare parts. Because of this, disassembling becomes optional as you can now sell your armaments for Bronze Weapon Orders.

Aside from that, Workshop Upgrades that previously increased the number of spare parts you gain from disassembling guns and made the cost of upgrading weapons cheaper in parts, now affect the cost of weapon upgrades in Bronze Orders.

Lastly, all spare parts that you have available before this update have been automatically exchanged for Bronze Weapon Orders at a rate of one order per 10 parts.

Patch Highlights

Another significant change is that you will now receive Silver Orders for any experience you’ve accumulated in battles. This means that for every 25,000 XP you’ve gained, you will get a Silver Weapon Order. Every 50,000 XP rewards you with a Silver Order that you can use for troop reinforcements.

Here are some of the other notable things implemented in this patch:

  • Now the stream of a flamethrower can penetrate into much narrower crevices, for example, between the bars and planks of some fences
  • Removed magnification in stationary machine gun sight
  • Decreased reload time of Beretta M38 to 2.4 seconds
  • Added trench gear and flasks for British squads
  • Added gloves for Italian pilots
  • Added new mission Werbig station (Invasion) on Seelow Heights location in Battle of Berlin campaign
  • Added new mission Al Har East (Invasion) to the Battle of Tunisia campaign
  • Added respawn zones for motorcycles in Seelow Heights location for the Armored Train Escort mission
  • Now when leaving vehicles on the move soldiers will take damage, up to complete death on high speed
  • The MiG-3 fighter is replaced by an improved version with two 20mm ShVAK autocannon
  • Improved camera behavior when using free view in planes
  • Added wound effects and blood splashes when shooting at the bodies of fallen allies
  • Now in the battle on the planes, the total amount of ammo is displayed for all the same guns
  • AI-soldiers are now less likely to fall behind the commander on long marches
  • Fixed bug with desynchronization of turret rotation direction for different players
  • Fixed incorrect collision detection when building engineer structures
  • Fixed a bug with invisible weapons in soldiers' hands

You can read the full patch notes on the game’s official website.

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