Enjoy the New Season of MLB 9 Innings 24

Get ready to meet historical heroes. Com2Us

In case you didn't know, the newest season for MLB 9 Innings 24 is now live. There are some new in-game events launched along with the introduction of new items. The new season also features athletes who are Los Angeles Angels slugger Mike Trout, Chicago Cubs outfielder Seiya Suzuki, and iconic outfielder Ken Griffey Jr.

To start the new season, players are invited to the 888 Event. Here players get to be part of in-game missions where they can claim a total of 800 Premium Player Packs along with an extra 88 packs which feature a Signature Pack and Team Selective Diamond Pack. There's also going to be a special gift bundle available to all players until April 30. To claim, simply log in to the game and choose four free items from the game's most popular items which include Live Diamond Wish Player Pack, Vintage Ultimate Pack, and Signature Pack.

This new season sees more baseball players being added to the game's Historic Player packs. These include the likes of Hall of Fame inductee Mariano Rivera and two-time World Series MVP Bob Gibson. There's also Joe Morgan, the individual responsible for leading the Cincinnati Reds to two World Series championships.

Throughout the whole season, players have the chance to recruit all five new legends. They can do this by obtaining points through gameplay and then exchanging those for Team Selective Diamond Packs and Premium Skill Change Tickets, to name a few.

Talking about this new season, Head of Game Business Group Jihoon Han shared in a statement that the new update brings the game to another level especially with the addition of more legends of the sport. He added that they hope everyone gets to enjoy the game with these historical heroes.

MLB 9 Innings 24 is a mobile game that's licensed by MLB and MLB Players. It manages to capture the essence and intensity of the 2024 MLB season with true-to-life player statistics, uniforms, stadiums, and schedules. Meanwhile, the City Connect uniforms from six teams, including the Atlanta Braves and Texas Rangers, bring fans closer to the identity and unique history of each team.

MLB 9 Innings 24 is available to download on mobile through the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

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