Elsword Officially Welcomes Noah with Different Events

Noah is finally here. KOG Studios

It’s been quite some time, two years in fact since Elsword introduced a new character. They teased about it last time and even had an event to celebrate it. And now, the wait is finally over as Noah has finally arrived in the game. So from January 13 to 26, there are multiple events that will hand out rewards to players.

Who is Noah?

Noah was born in the prominent Ebalon family more than 500 years ago. This is the family that produced some notable members like his brother Harque Ebalon, considered by many as one of the legendary El Masters. For some unknown reason, Harque was murdered with Noah being sealed into a temple. Eventually, Noah awakens and suffers from survivor’s guilt. For him, there’s only one path and that is revenge.

His main weapon is a sickle. And with the power of the Moon and Darkness, he possesses a unique battle style.

Multiple Events

With the introduction of this new character, all players need to do is log in to the game and play as Noah. This should give them access to the Boy Who Walks on Moonlight event. Getting an accumulative login of 30 minutes reward players with the Noah Diorama Light. Meanwhile, 60 minutes of accumulative login hands out the Harque Ebalon Voice Speaker.

During the entire period, players can also join the Noah Weekend Support event. For January 16, the reward is the [Cobo] Noah Special Support Cube. For January 23, it’s going to be the [Ariel] Mana Elixir x100 and [Ariel] Refined Recovery Potion x100.

On the other hand, the Noah 1st Path Update event offers Quests which when completed give out rewards like EXP Boost Medals, Inventory Expansion Cubes, and even the [Luriel] New Moon’s Shadow. See what rewards are offered in this event here.

Then, there is the Invitation to the Moonlight Gala event. It also starts on January 13 but ends on February 9. In this one, players become tokens as they take part in a board game. Like with the previous event mentioned, several quests become available that hand out rewards upon completion. You can learn more about this event here.

Elsword is a free-to-play, 2.5D action MMORPG. It features real-time action gameplay with PvE and PvP modes.

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