Elite: Dangerous Players Think They’ve Uncovered The Thargoid Alphabet

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Elite Dangerous - Thargoid
Elite Dangerous Frontier

The mystery of the Thargoids continues to unfold this week, with Elite Dangerous players divided on how best to respond to the Milky Way’s newest residents. But while some are content deciphering the alleged Thargoid alphabet, not everyone is as pleased as the space truckers, explorers and pacifist Elite Dangerous pilots looking to converse with aliens.

Over on the Elite Dangerous forums, players hope to uncover the hidden meaning behind the many symbols spotted on Thargoid vessels since the community uncovered a means of disabling their ships. We mentioned the unique symbols in a previous story about Smiling Dog Crew’s world-first Thargoid kill, but Elite Dangerous pilots have uncovered many new symbols in the days since. Several commanders have set to work collating those symbols, including Commanders Moribus, Olivia Vespera and Orodir, and some pilots have noted similarities between those symbols and the buried Thargoid structures on hundreds of planets. But all the community has thus far is a consistent means of referencing those shapes. It seems like it’s going to be a little while before human pilots are conversing with the Thargoids.

The extra time might be for the best. Elite Dangerous players have been divided on whether or not to show aggression towards the Thargoids. Drew Wagar’s novel Elite Dangerous: Premonition confirms there are different Thargoids tribes/communities, some peaceful and others malevolent. But neither have been spotted in human space in many years, leaving players unclear whether the recently-spotted Thargoids are actually a threat to mankind. But other players argue that if Frontier wanted players to do more than shoot them down, The Return, the game’s latest expansion, would have included more Thargoid-related content than new missiles and a scanner that’s only purpose is to identify weak points on Thargoid vessels.

But not everyone is enthusiastic about these developments. Hundreds of Elite Dangerous players have flocked to the game’s subreddit to vent frustrations with the current state of the game. It’s not the first time we’ve seen players voice concerns over the lack of endgame content, but complaints seem to be gaining steam at the end of the game’s two-year-long first “season” of DLC. Frontier says additional information on the next year of Elite Dangerous’ life will arrive at Frontier Expo but we’ll have to wait until Saturday to learn more. Let’s just hope those plans don’t take another two years to fully materialize.

Elite: Dangerous is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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