Elite Dangerous DLC: Major Content Release Expected in 2020

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Massive content release set for mid-2020.
Massive content release set for mid-2020. Frontier Developments

Frontier Developments, the studio behind the hit space-faring MMO Elite: Dangerous, has recently announced plans for the game's future, including a massive content release scheduled for mid-2020. While the planned expansion is set to be the game’s biggest update yet - featuring tons of enhancements, quality of life improvements, expanded narratives, and more - the community is concerned about the game going into 2019.

In previous years, Elite: Dangerous has managed to stick to its content release schedules. Big updates released every year to keep the game fresh and interesting for new and veteran players alike. While the community is generally excited to find out what Frontier has in store for them in 2020, the content plans for this year are a little underwhelming.

Lucky for Elite Dangerous players there's a whole galaxy for them to explore.
Lucky for Elite Dangerous players there's a whole galaxy for them to explore. Frontier Developments

There will not be any major content releases for the next year and half, but Frontier has pledged to continue updating the game throughout the year. With plans to tweak and enhance existing content to tide players over until the next major expansion drops in 2020, we hope that Elite: Dangerous can stay fresh and interesting long enough to keep the highly-anticipated expansion relevant well into next year.

Since it’s launch in 2014, Elite: Dangerous has added plenty of new content, updates, and fixes with each major release packaged as “seasons.” Elite: Dangerous is currently in its third season, Elite Dangerous Beyond, which expanded the game’s narrative and introduced plenty of new mechanics, upgrades, and improvements. Previous content releases include Horizons, the game’s second season.

What do you feel about Frontier Developments’ decision to hold out on content until 2020? Do you think there’s enough content right now to keep players interested for the next year and half? Considering the long wait, what are the features and improvements you hope to see when the expansion finally rolls out? Let us know in the comments section below!

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