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New details on the future of Elite Dangerous debuted at Frontier Expo, Frontier Developments’ first gathering of ED , Jurassic World Evolution and Planet Coaster fans. And there’s going to be plenty of new content, free and premium, for the Elite Dangerous community in 2018.

Fans can look forward to a pair of free updates, collectively known as BEYOND, in the first and final quarters of 2018. The first BEYOND update will refresh many of the systems we’re already familiar with, including Crime and Punishment, Engineering, Trade data and Wing Missions. Frontier is even overhauling Galnet, the in-game news network that provides a combination of lore-advancing and community news to Elite Dangerous players. Beginning in 2018, players can listen to new Galnet broadcasts -- yep, they finally invented radio broadcasts in 3304 -- while they explore the galaxy, fight Thargoids and/or transport valuable cargo.

The second BEYOND update, which won’t arrive until late 2018, will expand Elite Dangerous’ multiplayer functionality, adding Squadrons (read: clans) to a game that already lets four-pilot teams form unique Wings and teams of four fully-utilize a single vessel (Multi-Crew). Squadrons will be able to purchase their own Fleet Carriers, which act as a mobile base for the squad, and give players a safe location to refuel, respawn and/or restock. The second BEYOND update also improves the game’s Mining systems and introduces a new Codex Frontier calls “an archive of exploration achievements and game lore to fill – new phenomena to discover and new exploration mechanics.”

We also got a sneak peek at what’s in store for Elite Dangerous during the tail end of 2017… with the usual amount of secrecy from Frontier. A new teaser trailer for The Return, the expansion that finally brought Thargoids back to the Milky Way in force, suggests there might be something to fan theories that the first wave of Thargoid ships weren’t the ones we should’ve been concerned about. And the recent nerfing of new anti-Thargoid weaponry might seem like a small problem in the near future. Last, but certainly not least, Frontier previewed new planetary tech that should bring some color and variety back to the millions of planets, moons and celestial bodies that call the Milky Way home.

For an early look at some of the new content coming to Elite Dangerous in 2018, check out all the new teaser trailers from Frontier Expo. Then head down to the comments and let us know what changes you’d like to see in the next wave of Elite Dangerous updates. We’re just glad to hear the Milky Way won’t be beige forever.

Elite Dangerous is currently available on PS4, Xbox One and PC. The next round of content, the first of two BEYOND updates planned for next year, is expected to debut in Q1 2018.

Be sure to check back with Player.One and follow Scott on Twitter for more Elite Dangerous news in 2017 and however long Frontier Developments supports Elite Dangerous in the years ahead.

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