Element TD 2: Update 1.8 Adds Turbo Lite and Casual Mode

Update 1.8
Update 1.8 Steam

Update 1.8 for Element TD 2 is now available on PC. The two most notable new features in this update are Turbo Lite and Casual Mode.

The original Turbo Mode was implemented in Element TD 2 a couple of years ago, but players thought it was a little too fast. Hence, the developers have brought a slightly slower version called Turbo Lite. When enabled, the game runs at 1.5x Timescale instead of 2x.

Another useful feature added in Update 1.8 is Casual Mode. This is a modifier that can be enabled in Free-for-All (FFA) or Team Games, which allows players to enjoy the game at their own pace. When a player clears the first wave, the next one will not automatically spawn for everyone else.

For balancing adjustments, the shockwave caused by Earth Towers now hits for full damage, rather than in a staggered fashion like it did in the past. As a result of this change, shockwave damage has been reduced to 35, down from 50.

Patch Notes

  • Spectator Mode
    • When you're in the lobby, you can define yourself as a Spectator, allowing you to observe everyone else in the game.
  • Mega Survival
    • You can now play the Co-op Maps from the Singleplayer Menu, allowing you to play it Offline or even with God Mode on.
    • Instead of a "Balanced" path option, you get "2-Path" instead.
  • Same Random Teams adjusted
    • Before, everyone had the same set of random elements, which in Teams, was somewhat pointless.
    • Now, each team will have two sets of elements, which is consistent across all teams.
  • Fog of War can now be turned on/off in Graphics Settings. Set to On by default.
  • On the end-screen, there's now a statistic for # of First Wave Clears
  • Pressing F2 in Co-op should now bounce between each player area, instead of always reverting to the center of the map
  • Viewing a replay that has Turbo on no longer locks out viewing at x1 or x0.5
  • Fixed Front Targeting not working properly on creeps that have been Shredded, spawned by Spawner, or Resurrected
  • Fixed a bug where Builders wouldn't properly react to the map terrain on some maps
  • Fixed an issue where Slingshot Bosses could only speed up creeps once
    • In exchange, the effect can no longer stack.
  • Nature adjusted
    • Damage increased from 85 to 95
    • Buff duration reduced from 3 seconds to 1 second
  • Disease
    • Damage increased from 150 to 155
  • Solar buffed
    • Damage increased from 230 to 240
    • Damage-per-second increased from 115 to 120
  • Mushroom formula adjusted
    • Previously, it would deal more damage if a creep's speed was below 300, and less damage if it was above 300.
    • Now it deals 2% more damage per 1% of slow on the creep, and it no longer suffers a damage penalty if a creep is faster than the default speed (300)
    • Damage reduced from 500 to 490

Element TD 2 Update 1.8 is available on PC.

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