Element TD 2: Changes to Ranked Ban Phase Implemented in Version 1.6

Version 1.6
Version 1.6 Steam

The unique tower defense game Element TD 2 has received a new update that implemented some changes to the ban phase in Ranked matches. Version 1.6 brought various improvements as well.

Ranked Match Banning Phase Changes

In Version 1.6 for Element TD 2, developers made some needed adjustments to the banning phase in Ranked matches. Both players are now only given a full minute to select three towers they want to ban. However, support towers and singles cannot be banned, don't forget. For those who don’t know, these towers are placed on the first, third, and fifth rows on the Tower Table.

Once both players have chosen, the banned towers will be revealed to everyone. It is important to note that banning is optional, which means players can opt to ban up to six towers or nothing at all.

Additionally, the net worth of both players will be compared if the game desyncs. If the difference is below 1%, the game will continue. Otherwise, the match ends.

New Maps

Four new maps have been added in Version 1.6, including two original maps and two variants. The first is the simple spiral map called the Cave, and the other original map is called Space.

In addition, the Cave variant has four portals with a layout visually different from the original. The Space variant is a lot more complex than the original map, with more bridges and elevated ground.

Cave Map
Cave Map Steam
Cave Variant
Cave Variant Steam
Space Map
Space Map Steam
Space Variant
Space Variant Steam
  • Co-op Map Previews show each player's paths as colored lines
  • Map previews actually update when you turn on Advanced Paths. Doesn't apply to Co-op
  • Lobby List cleaned up, allowing for all Settings to be properly visible now
  • When placing a tower on a spot where another tower already exists, an indicator will tell you that you can't build there
  • If a player disconnects, their builder should now vanish
  • Ranked Replays should now end when the game ends instead of going further. This includes when a desync happens in the original game
  • MMR Search Range no longer scales by games played, everyone gets to search everyone within 375 MMR
  • Leaderboards now only show 50 entries instead of 100, halving the load time
  • Insane Difficulty option added
  • Inferno Boss fireball now has a max range of 2000
  • Halved the number of bosses in the last 5 waves of Mission 25 to account for Inferno Boss no longer being cheesable

Elements TD 2 Version 1.6 is available on PC.

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