Election Year Knockout: Prepare to Welcome Vladmir Bootin

Ready to go against a new boss?
Ready to go against a new boss? Exceptionull Games

A new update has been released for Election Year Knockout, introducing a new fighter to the roster as an optional boss fight. It’s none other than Vladimir “Bootin” and his pet bear Dmitry.

This additional character is free for PC players that have the Steam version of the game. Meanwhile, for those playing on Android and iOS, Bootin is available as part of the Nuclear Negotiations upgrade pack, which also has Kim Jong Boom.

As a boss, Vladimir Bootin can expertly trade blows when it’s a brawl for survival. The more he takes damage, the more desperate he gets, and the more he fights with abandon. While his stomp attacks are truly devastating, it leaves him wide open to counterattacks and haymakers.

Meanwhile, this new update also offers a harder second Bootin fight. It’s going to be a Mike Tyson-level challenge that long-time fans are sure to enjoy.

Election Year Knockout is set in an alternate reality where elections are decided mainly through boxing. All conflicts are solved through boxing, from something such as small traffic tickets to world wars. The game is funny, charming, and easy to learn. However, skill is needed to finish the game. This game is a good option for those who love the classic Punch-Out!! Series.

Players who go for aggressive play and risky strategies are rewarded well. Of course, it helps if one has the perfect defense.

Other features of the game include:

  • Customize your fighter
    • Players can customize their fighter, including gender, hairstyle, skin tone, and hair color.
    • There are also multiple patriotic styles of boxing attire to choose from and more are coming soon.
  • Dozens of challenging bonus missions
    • The game doesn’t end after beating an opponent in the ring.
    • Optional bonus missions are sure to keep players interested for hours.
  • Full controller support
    • Plug in a supported controller (including Xbox One and PS4 controllers) for an even more authentic retro boxing game experience.

Election Year Knockout was released in July 2020 on Steam, and it has received positive reviews.

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