The Elder Scrolls Online: Update v8.2.7 Reverts Heavy Attack Bug Fix

Update v8.2.7
Update v8.2.7 Twitter/@TESOnline

The Elder Scrolls Online Update v8.2.7 is now available on PC and will be ready for download on consoles later today. This update reverts a previous bug fix because it was causing more trouble in other gameplay functions.

In a previous update, Zenimax Studios implemented a particular bug fix that should have resolved the issue with bashing, where it could clear Heavy Attack inputs after doing so. However, the studio found that this fix actually caused another bug. Whenever a player initiates a dodge roll or performs a bash attack, the action would make the player unable to block, even though the appropriate key or button is being held.

The company needs to go back to the drawing board to fully address the problem with Heavy Attack inputs without breaking things in other parts of combat or gameplay in general. For now, the said bug fix has been reverted, meaning players can resume blocking normally even after dodge rolling an attack.

The latest patch for ESO resolves certain quests as well. For instance, the issue where players could not talk to Quen after accepting the Sea Runs Restless quest is now fixed.



  • Scalecaller Peak

    • Fixed a crash that could occur when fighting Zaan the Scalecaller.


  • The Dark Aeon

    • Fixed issue where Joorahmaar could not be attacked after landing.


  • Fixed an issue where some small creatures showed as “Critter” when moused over.


  • General

    • The door to Galen from Ivyhame no longer says “Ivyhame.”

    • Fixed an issue where some doors would not correctly show quest pins from inside buildings.

  • Quests

    • A Heart Turned Black: Fixed an issue where approaching a scene during this quest while in combat caused it to not advance until relogging.

  • A Sea of Troubles:

    • Fixed an issue where you could not interact with Druid Laurel during the quest step to talk to her.

    • Fixed an issue where there was no quest icon above Druid Laurel for a portion of the quest.

    • Fixed an issue where grouped players could become desynced and unable to complete the quest step "Investigate Tuinh Village".

  • A Wailing Wood

    • Fixed an issue where relogging during the quest would cause prisoners to respawn after you had rescued them.

  • The Ivy Throne:

    • The quest step for "Return to Castle Mornard" is now more specific to the location you need to go to.

    • Fixed an issue where many NPCs would speak regardless of which quest step you were on.

    • Fixed an issue where Druid Laurel would teleport oddly around the map when stuck.


  • Fixed an issue causing the Frog Metal Buckle Antiquity Lead to not drop from its intended sourcing.

  • Fixed an issue preventing the Storm-Weathered Drafting Top and True Way Clay Dials Antiquity Leads from correctly dropping.

The Elder Scrolls Online Update v8.2.7 is available on PC.

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