Egoraptor Learns Not To Mess With 'Sonic The Hedgehog's Twitter

Can Egoraptor eat all those cupcakes?
Can Egoraptor eat all those cupcakes? Twitter

Arin “Egoraptor” Hansen, star of Game Grumps on YouTube, is no stranger to messing with corporations on Twitter. In September, he tried showing his love for Wendy’s, who shunned his advances. In retaliation, he brought the Game Grumps crew and their hordes of fans to a Wendy’s, with signs of admiration in tow. The creator of the Awesome series is tangling with a new beast, a blue spiky hedgehog named Sonic.

The official Sonic Twitter asked Egoraptor if he could eat the entirety of Sonic’s head made out of cupcakes. He boldly accepted the challenge in a tweet, not realizing that Sonic plays for keeps. A new video on the Gamegrumps channel shows us that Egoraptor is all talk and not a whole lot of action.

I’ve been a fan of Egoraptor’s work since his Newgrounds days, and there’s something so ultimately gratifying about the man trying to choke down 270 cupcakes. I wouldn’t dare ruin the surprise for you, but know that according to Major League Eating (the only competitive eating source that counts) the most cupcakes eaten in one sitting is 72.

Does Egoraptor have the largest stomach in existence or will he fall victim to a sugar coma? I still need to see him and Danny, his Game Grumps co-host, complete Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of the Wild . My life wouldn’t be completed without hearing Arin scream in frustration at the game’s absurd levels of length.

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