EG And OG Lead Groups After Day One of Dota 2 ESL One Birmingham 2019

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Clement "Puppey" Ivanov of Team Secret
Clement "Puppey" Ivanov of Team Secret ESL One

Day One of the ESL One Birmingham 2019 tournament sees Evil Geniuses and OG leading their respective groups. At stake is a prize pool of $300,000, with the champion walking away with $125,000.

For Group A, the Dota 2 teams are OG, Vici Gaming, TNC Predator, Team Liquid, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and Forward Gaming.

The first game of the tournament was Liquid going against VG. VG took the first game in just above 22 minutes. The second game lasted almost 50 minutes, but Liquid came out on top, resulting in a tied score.

OG’s first match was against NiP, and the result ended in a tie with NiP getting the first game and OG taking the win in the second game. The next match for OG was against Forward Gaming. The first game took more than 50 minutes, with three players from OG racking up double digit kills. The second game was much quicker, with Anathan "ana" Pham of OG dominating on his Phantom Lancer. With four team members dead, Forward Gaming called GG in just under 15 minutes.

For Group B, the teams include Evil Geniuses, PSG.LGD, Gambit Esports, Keen Gaming, Team Secret, and Alliance.

The first game for Group B was Secret against EG. In a surprising turn, EG claimed victory in the match and beat Secret 2-0. The next two games followed the same pattern.

Chinese teams LGD and Keen Gaming went head to head, with LGD taking the first game. The second game saw some back and forth between the two teams, and ended with LGD winning. The final score for kills was a tie at 32 each.

Gambit faced off against Alliance and did not back down to take the match 2-0.

EG met with Gambit in the same day, and EG remained true to form and gave Gambit the same experience that they offered to Alliance.

For Day Two, the matches of the day for Group A are:

  • TNC vs. OG
  • VG vs. NiP
  • FWD vs. Liquid
  • FWD vs. NiP
  • VG vs. OG
  • TNC vs. Liquid

For Group B, the matches are:

  • Alliance vs. LGD
  • Secret vs. Gambit
  • EG vs. KG
  • Secret vs. KG
  • LGD vs. Gambit
  • Alliance vs. EG
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