Edge of Eternity Bestiary Update Improves Performance; DLSS 2.2 and FSR Support Added

Edge of Eternity
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Edge of Eternity received a major update recently and it added new features, along with more graphical options. Performance was improved and loading time was reduced. All of these plus tons of general improvements and bug fixes are now available for download.

The patch brought a bestiary to the game as well. It will have information about creatures you have met, including loot drops and habitat areas. Speaking of adding things, the update also added support for DLSS 2.2 and FSR.

As you would expect, DLSS 2.2 will only be available on RTX 2000 and 3000 GPU series. The feature will reduce ghosting issues, especially with particles. A sharpness slider is also added.

FSR, short for AMD FidelityFX Super Resolution, works like DLSS. You can enable this feature without upgrading your card, and it works on Nvidia cards too.

We have mentioned some of the other important changes below:

  • Improved performances in different areas: Jungle, Clockworks Fields, Mount Berenroth, and Jagholm.
  • Added an algorithm to optimize the number of monsters present on the map at the same time to limit performance drop on wide areas
  • Speeded up loadings (~20%)
  • Improved multiple CPU Performance (Cloth, Particles, Logic)
  • Improved multiple cutscenes, auto cutscenes, and sidequests
  • Added sprint toggle mode in the options
  • Added new blue armors lootable in the world
  • Improved multiple translations (especially French and Japanese, Chinese improvements coming soon)
  • Added semi-scripted cameras on some fights especially with gigantic enemies
  • Polished the lighthouse area in the Solna plain
  • Staging of the NPC improved in Herelsor, Jagholm, Tyr Caelum, Refugees Village, Kora Camp, Wurldzend added new NPCs “work-idle” animations
  • Improved camera in the auto cutscene “Caravaner” in Chapter V
  • Added missing NPCs in cages during the Oboros Phases
  • Switch some auto cutscene to textbox: the plant Ricardo and the dynevent "Breeding Trouble"
  • Collider added for the canons in Tyr Caelum
  • Crystal visible in the auto cutscene "Magic Hates A Vacuum"
  • Animation of Nicholas on his knees during the Oboros Phases
  • Improved the auto cutscene when Myrna join the party
  • Now Alpharius is visible before the cutscene “The Reunion” and Derek is visible in the auto cutscene
  • Improved camera and some animations in the auto cutscene "Welcome to Tyr Caelum"
  • Improved the dynamics event "A Man In Need" with rewards according to the chapter, new animations, and objects
  • Improved Nekaroo Controls
  • Improved battle cameras for multiple battles
  • Improved multiple vegetation models
  • Improved multiple scene load triggers to place them in a way that the scene “popping” is not visible anymore
  • Balanced voices volumes of cutscenes from Chapter VI
  • Modified Victory camera algorithm to prevent the camera from going underground when fighting on steepy grounds
  • Polished minor cutscene animations and lipsync
  • Polished audio and tweaks (added missing SFX, Balance, etc…)

You can read more about the patch notes on Steam.

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