Echo Fox Signs Former H1Z1 Players For Apex Legends Team

Echo Fox Apex Legends Team
Echo Fox Apex Legends Team Echo Fox

Apex Legends may be facing problems with bugs and maintaining an audience, but that has not prevented Echo Fox from creating its own esports team geared toward the game. The team members include Clement “Clem” Graham, Janne “Ziki” Sajomaa, and Ludvig “Stormen” Storm. While this may be their first foray to Apex Legends, these players are not new to esports competition, as all three players have experience with H1Z1.

Serving as head of the team will be Clem, who was previously with Team Vitality for their H1Z1 roster. The other two team members, Ziki and Stormen, also both have experience with H1Z1.

The H1Z1 professional league started strong, but seven months after launching, it had to close its doors due to low viewership and financial issues.

In a statement, Echo Fox President Jared Jeffries said that as battle royale games continue to grow in the esports industry, it is possible that Apex Legends could become a mainstay. He added that by signing these three players, the organization is “making sure that Echo Fox is at the forefront of the next wave of esports competition.”

While Echo Fox is banking on the game increasing in status, there remains to be no word from Respawn Entertainment if the company is planning to establish a league for Apex Legends. Echo Fox is not the first organization to sign up a team, as a number of esports organizations have signed up players during the game’s early stages.

Despite massive success following its launch, it appears that interest in Apex Legends has started to wane. This is in part due to a large number of bugs that continue to pose issues. When Apex Legends released an update to buff some of the characters, it resulted in players discovering new bugs. Cheating is also another issue, though this is not limited to Apex Legends. To their credit, the development team at Respawn has continued to work on improving the game.

Recently, Respawn revealed that anti-cheat measures have been implemented, resulting in more than 700,000 players being banned. The studio even placed bans on players who “piggy-backed” on their teammates. A recent update put in fixes on issues related to audio and hit detection.

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