Earth Defense Force 6 Officially Announced, Due Out In 2021

PlayStation consoles are the only confirmed platform for now.
D3 Publisher has announced a 2021 release window for Earth Defense Force 6.
D3 Publisher has announced a 2021 release window for Earth Defense Force 6. D3 Publisher

Publisher D3 and developer Sandlot have just announced Earth Defense Force 6. News has been scarce so far, with only its release date for 2021 unveiled and PlayStation as the only confirmed platform.

The premise of the Earth Defense Force series is simple, yet effective. One to four players assume the roles of the Earth Defense Force tasked with protecting the world from an invasion of alien creatures, usually taking the form of gigantic and terrifying insectoids such as wasps and ants the size of your typical building. Players are equipped with a number of weapons, some of which are unique to specific classes. It plays out like a Survival mode from other games, but on steroids: defend or attack waves and waves of gigantic enemies, succeed, move on to the next area and cause more havoc and destruction to ultimately wipe out the insectoid invaders.

So far, the Earth Defense Force series has spawned eight games (five main series, three spin off) with the most recent one in the main series being Earth Defense Force 5, which was released in 2017 in Japan and 2018 in North American and European countries. Earth Defense Force 5 received positive acclaim, with praise towards its gameplay and level design, but criticizing its outdated and lackluster graphics.

As for Earth Defense Force 6, news of its announcement was made through the PlayStation Blog Japan site. The post provided a few details about the game’s plot, which will take place in 2027. While humanity is recovering from the consequences of the previous invasion, it has been found out that many of the aliens left by the Primers are still on Earth causing occasional battles and skirmishes. However, unknown to the human race, the aliens on Earth still continued to breed. For the human race to fully succeed in recovering, they must muster one last stand to completely eradicate the alien threat that is still lurking beneath them.

We can’t wait for more news regarding Earth Defense Force 6, but so far, we’ve been treated to stills of what aliens we can shoot up once it launches, such as giant hornets, spiders, and more, all set in the backdrop of a war-stricken Earth.

Earth Defense Force 6 will launch in 2021.

(PlayStation Blog Japan translations courtesy of Gematsu).

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