EA Sports WRC Heads to Central Europe for Season 2

It's a new season and a new location. EA Sports

Season 2 of EA Sports WRC is here and that means it's time to face those fresh challenges. This new content comes with the inaugural Central European Rally which is composed of 32 kms of fast, demanding, and adrenaline-inducing asphalt that's spread across 12 stages. There are also Rally Pass items and more than 60 new Moments.

This new season is inspired by the recent official WRC rally with the new Central European location introducing players to the high-speed and flowing Czech roads through the new asphalt-based stage. Access is available free to all players starting December 14 and across all major game modes, that include Career, along with various weather conditions and seasonal climates. The 12 routes available are:

  • Rouské (32.36 km)
  • Lukoveček (32.34 km)
  • Raztoka (15.40 km)
  • Žabárna (15.42 km)
  • Provodovice (16.99 km)
  • Chvalčov (16.94 km)
  • Vítová (8.77 km)
  • Brusné (8.77km)
  • Libosváry (14.73 km)
  • Rusava (14.64 km)
  • Osíčko (8.94 km)
  • Botarell (8.65 km)

The new season arrives to the game along with several enhancements courtesy of Patch 1.4.0. It also means the start of a new Rally Pass Season which players get the chance to unlock as much as 30 customization items across free, VIP, and EA Play tiers. That's not all since there are also more than 60 Moments which allow players to relive the history of WRC and even take on unique daily challenges. Eight of these Moments are going to be exclusive to EA Play members.

Talking about this new content, Codemasters Creative Director Matthew Battison shared that their vision for Central Europe was to challenge players to not only push the limits of control but also take those calculated risks especially as they race across forests, open farmland, and even small villages. He went on to say that by adding the Central European Rally and its wide, winding roads and unique countryside tracks, this allows for an exhilarating gaming experience.

What do you think? Do you have what it takes to survive and win the roads of Central Europe?

EA Sports WRC is the official game of the FIA World Rally Championship and available for consoles PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X/S. It's also out for the PC through various platforms that include the EA App, Epic Store, and Steam.

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