EA Sports NHL 22 Offers New Experience with Superstar X-Factors

Enjoy a new experience.
Enjoy a new experience. EA

EA Sports NHL 22 was released last week and introduced some interesting new features. For starters, there’s the new ability system known as Superstar X-Factors. It brings the signature traits of the league directly into play and thus, adds an exciting layer of class-based competition.

In a press statement, Sean Ramjagsingh of EA Sports shared that the game lets players become superstars like being able to one-time it like Alex Ovechkin or even deke like Auston Matthews.

New Ability System

Superstar X-Factors is set to a new level of realism. This means players can feel like their counterparts in real life. It elevates the most elite players in the league and ensures that their presence on the ice is even more influential.

This new ability system is also expected to make truly interesting changes to different game modes, such as Franchise Mode, Be A Pro, World of Chel, and Hockey Ultimate Team.

In Be A Pro, for example, players are taken even deeper with the new multi-season storylines and re-designed progression system. There’s also a chance for players to improve their characters based on playstyle and skill.

Frostbite Engine

The game is powered by the Frostbite engine, which brings players closer than ever to the ice with the visually distinct upgrade. This new engine delivers all details in higher resolution from player likeness to the uniform micro-details and all the way to improved skate spray.

There’s also the new augmented reality broadcast where players get to see game stats directly integrated into the action through the use of overlays on environment surfaces. This new engine also brings advancements to spatial awareness resulting in players being able to track and react to everything around them.

Talking about the Frostbite engine, Ramjagsingh revealed that this is the biggest leap the game has made in terms of graphics and gameplay.

EA Sports NHL 22 is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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