EA Sports F1 23 Launching Monthly Challenges with F1 World Feature

More ways to enjoy the game. EA Sports

Something exciting is happening in the F1 World feature of EA Sports F1 23. There will be a series of gameplay challenges offered each month to test not just those new to the game, but even the most seasoned veterans.

As part of the celebration of the Austrian Grand Prix this weekend, players are asked to take part in a hot lap challenge at the Red Bull Ring where they get the chance to obtain the iconic Oracle Red Bull Racing's Miami Grand Prix car livery. For July, here are the objectives and the items offered:

    • Lap Time: 01:22.800 (OR BETTER)
    • Items Unlocked
      • RB19 Miami Livery
      • Car Part or Team Member (RARE)
      • 10X Bronze Insight Tokens
      • Car Part or Team Member (LEGENDARY)
    • Lap Time: 01:10.679 (OR BETTER)
    • Items Unlocked
      • Car Part or Team Member (EPIC)
      • 3X Silver Insight Tokens
  • GOLD
    • Lap Time: 01:06.901 (OR BETTER)
    • Items Unlocked
      • Car Part or Team Member (LEGENDARY)
      • 1X Gold Insight Token

New Event Type

Monthly challenges are not the only new thing coming to F1 World. Arriving later in July is the event type known as F1 Replays, allowing players to relieve a previous real-world race and take control of any of the 20 drivers who participated in that race through a replica Grand Prix. The grid positions are the same as those on the actual race day and players can show just how good they are, by either matching the performance of the chosen driver or doing better.

F1 Replays appear in F1 World after a race weekend.

Central Hub

F1 World serves as a central hub for many of the modes available in-game. This new feature has solo and multiplayer experiences and even a shared progression system. There are also daily, weekly, and seasonal contents available.

In a statement, Codemasters Senior Creative Director Lee Mather shared that the team has always been looking for ways to partner with Formula 1 and F1 teams. He added that F1 World is able to unlock the possibility for them to come up with real-world challenges.

EA Sports F1 23 is available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. A PC version is also offered through the EA App, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

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