Dying Light Adds New Difficulty Setting Called Story Mode

Dying Light

It has been five years since Dying Light was released, and it seems like its post-launch support isn’t going to end anytime soon. Developer Techland recently released another update that adds a new difficulty setting for players that are only interested in the story. The new difficulty is called, well, you guessed it, Story Mode. It is perfect for entry-level players as it makes the game much easier.

Story Mode makes several tweaks to Dying Light. Your attacks deal more damage while consuming less stamina. Fall damage has also been decreased, which means you can afford to be a little more reckless, and a game where parkour is key, who wouldn’t? Medkits also restore double the health they normally do. If somehow you still manage to die, then you will only lose half the experience points compared to other difficulties.

Dying Light becomes extremely dangerous and scary at night. So it’s obvious that Techland has tweaked some settings here also. To make the night part of the game less of an issue for new players, the developers decided to make days longer and night shorter. The Dying Light experience also depends on resource management, especially money. You will receive more money from traders for your items, and random airdrops also stay on the map twice as long.

Dying Light doesn’t punish you for playing it on the easiest difficulty, however there is one drawback. In Story mode, completing your Legend tree will be difficult as the game only gives half the Legend experience than usual. So, completionist players might not be a fan of this mode. The latest update also added more weapons, blueprints, an explosive device, new outfits, and live events.

You can use this update as an excuse to play the entire game again, and catch you back up about the story while you wait for the sequel, which was unfortunately delayed. If you still need more Dying Light content to play, then you can try out the Dying Light Battle Royal mode called Bad Blood.

So what do you think? Are you interested in the newest Dying Light difficulty? Will you play the game again with the Story mode? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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