Dying Light: After 6 Years Game Receives New Prisoner Update for Free

Dying Light: Hellraid- Prisoner
Dying Light: Hellraid- Prisoner Techland

Dying Light is six years old but this hasn’t stopped Techland from providing new content for fans. Its DLC expansion, Hellraid, receives a new update - complete with a full story mode and more.

When Dying Light: Hellraid was released, many people thought that there was nothing really special about it because it only had a raid mode, no other big extras.

Well, after six years in development, the game is given new life with "The Prisoner" update specifically for Dying Light: Hellraid.

The Prisoner Update

Fans of the game will be transported back to medieval times as they visit Ba’al's Temple. Two supernatural energies seem to be calling you - one is a familiar voice and the other one, mysterious and eerie.

Players will have new challenges to face as they must help an ally prepare for an upcoming war. There will be new areas to discover and new weapons that you can add to your arsenal to fight the undead horde.

One of these weapons is called Corrupted Justice. It is a bow and is the first of its kind. If you want to obliterate the undead in close combat, then use the Bonecruncher. This is a two-handed hammer that will instantly deal huge damage to foes stupid enough to take the hit.

Those who are eager to know what the update has to offer in the game’s plot will be happy due to new story quests. These are the Imprisoned, Clavis Stone, and Beneath Seals.

Here are the full patch notes:

  • A new story mode is added to the Hellraid
  • Players will have the option of choosing either Raid or Story mode when firing up Hellraid
  • A new “Vanquisher” rank is added
  • The contours of each level can now be seen on the mini-map
  • New weapons are added: Corrupted Justice (bow) and Bonecrusher (two-handed hammer)
  • New enemy: Skeletons that carry large shields
  • Players need not put their equipment in the stash when entering or leaving Hellraid
  • Minor tweaks and bug fixes
  • Balance and visual changes

Those who have paid for the Hellraid DLC can download the update for free.

Dying Light: Hellraid Prisoner update is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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