Dying Light: Platinum Edition May Have Accidentally Leaked in Microsoft Store

Dying Light
Dying Light Techland

It seems that Microsoft Store may have accidentally leaked a premium bundle of the survival horror game Dying Light.

For those unaware, the platform is no stranger to accidental leaks. Back in March, it was associated with leaked information about a Tomb Raider Trilogy even before the game developer’s official announcement.

Now, the online store is being linked again and this time, it may have unveiled the Platinum Edition of Dying Light, coming out on May 27. Although no official confirmation is made yet, the short-lived posting did show what players can get out of this alleged bundle.

According to a post, the bundle will include the base game along with the four major DLCs. Fans of the game can expect 17 skins and weapon packs as well.

Here is the list of what you may get after purchasing the Dying Light: Platinum Edition:

  • Dying Light base game
  • Dying Light: Bozak Horde
  • Dying Light: The Following
  • Cuisine & Cargo
  • Hellraid
  • Crash Test Skin Pack
  • Ultimate Survivor Bundle

Skins and Weapon Bundles:

  • Volatile Hunter
  • 5th Anniversary
  • Harran Ranger
  • Godfather
  • White Death
  • Gun Psycho
  • SHU Warrior
  • Vintage Gunslinger
  • Viking: Raiders of Harran
  • Harran Inmate
  • Harran Tactical Unit
  • Rais Elite
  • Retrowave
  • Classified Operation
  • Volkan Combat Armor

No Word from the Developer

Game developer Techland has not issued a statement yet at the time of writing. But it might already be aware of the situation because the platinum bundle was removed from the store.

Still, the leaked information may lead to something good for players. It may prompt the developer to make an announcement to confirm this bundle or even tease about what players will really get.

The only thing of note is the developer AMA posted on Twitter, which mentioned the game’s upcoming sequel.

Is this leaked part of their plan all along so that people will have a renewed interest in a six-year-old game? Or was the accidental post of Dying Light: Platinum Edition an outcome of true error?

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