Dying Light 2 Stay Human Update 1.4.0 Adds New Chapter and Photo Mode

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Update 1.4.0
Dying Light 2 Stay Human Update 1.4.0 Twitter/DyingLightGame

Dying Light 2 Stay Human recently received a massive update that added a new chapter, the new Photo Mode, and bug fixes.

New Chapter

This update brought the first chapter, where you have to assist Harper, a former Nightrunner who can give you access to rare equipment. You can find him at the Fish Eye Canteen, and you must help him kill zombies. Doing so opens access to pieces of equipment you've never seen before.

Photo Mode

This update also brought a new Photo Mode, something highly demanded by players. The Photo Mode is only available in single-player and can be accessed in most situations. Sometimes, Photo Mode won't pop up during action sequences or poses because of complex parkour mechanics.

The Photo Mode boasts multiple camera manipulation options, such as aperture, focus distance, zoom, and roll. It also includes color adjustments like temperature, exposure, saturation, contrast, and vignette. You can use these features to make a unique and beautiful photo.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Update 1.4.0

UI/UX Updates
  • Fixed The Message of the Day fullscreen display
  • Fixed The Message of The Day issues while the game is launched in the Traditional Chinese language
  • Fixed incorrect display of list format in Events tab while the game is launched in the Japanese language
  • Fixed overlapping Continue and Options buttons in the main menu on Xbox
  • Fixed D-pad control of Events tab on Xbox
  • Fixed UI glitch when changing charms in the inventory
  • Fixed missing controller controls on the PC version of the game
  • Fixed access to Credits on Xbox
  • Fixed missing map texture
Technical Updates
  • Improved CPU performance on PlayStation
  • Fixed multiple stability issues during game launch on PlayStation and Xbox
  • Fixed game crash related to a simultaneous button press in difficulty screen on Xbox
  • Fixed black screen issue during the second Waltz encounter on Xbox
  • Fixed loading screen crash that happened after finishing the Prologue
  • Fixed collection of Tickets, Please! trophy on PlayStation
  • Fixed FPS drops in the open-world environment on PlayStation
  • Fixed Show On Map quest feature on ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo
  • Fixed a possibility to swap screens on ASUS ROG Zephyrus Duo

You can read more about the update here.

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