'The Dwarvenaut' Documentary Trailer: This Is The 'Dungeons & Dragons' Movie You've Been Waiting For

Stefan Pokorny as a Dungeon Master in 'The Dwarvenaut.' Raving Cyclops Studios

Not that anyone is keeping track, but Stefan Pokorny must be high on the list of best Dungeon Masters in Brooklyn, if not the world. He takes the bombast seriously, making every effort to bring a D&D dungeon crawl out of his players’ imaginations and on to the tabletop. His fellow players — decked in fantasy gear and never embarrassed to let loose a full-throated battlecry — put your kitchen table posse to shame, I don’t care how much Mountain Dew and crudite you set out.

Pokorny is also the founder of Dwarven Forge, a company that creates gaming terrain for tabletop roleplaying sessions, including modular catacombs, castle, sewer and village pieces. It’s impressive stuff, which may explain why Dwarven Forge has managed to raise nearly $8 million on Kickstarter.

Pokorny’s combination of zeal and raw talent doesn’t just make for some of the best Dungeons & Dragons products, but also makes him a fascinating gaming personality in his own right. He’s the perfect subject for a documentary.

Oh, well, lookie here…

DWARVENAUT - Theatrical Trailer from Nate Taylor on Vimeo.


Yeah, yeah, the studios are working on some garbage Dungeons & Dragons movie with the director of Goosebumps, but it’s unlikely to top The Dwarvenaut. Here’s a snippet from our review:

“Pokorny, a bundle of flamboyant positivity, will make you believe in the sheer power of these tiny, spaces, crafted from his durable “Dwarvenite.” Pokorny is convinced Dungeons and Dragons is the humanist answer to the digital, inhuman purgatory we’ve built for ourselves, speaking in grandiloquent torrents about fantasy’s transformative power.”

The Dwarvenaut is out on VOD Aug. 5.


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