Dungeons And Dragons Online Hardcore League Now Accessible

Are you ready for hardcore?
Are you ready for hardcore? Standing Stone Games

Dungeons & Dragons Online in offering players a chance to be part of the Hardcore League. This is a three-month experience that started August 16 and is aimed at testing the skills of players with what is clearly the ultimate penalty there is - permadeath.

What is permadeath you ask? When your character dies, they instantly are transported to the Land of Lost Souls. Any resurrection abilities or items are not going prevent this. It does not create a soul stone nor get you a chance to walk to resurrection shrines, to use resurrection items, to activate abilities, etc. In essence, dead is dead.

However, it’s not about being dead since during the Hardcore League, the goals are going to be set for the players. In addition, the progress is based on two factors, each having their own ladder. The first is the ability to conquer as many quests as possible. The second factor is testing the ability of the player to survive in the hardest mode ever introduced to the game.

The goals and rewards for the Hardcore League are:

  • Reaching a Total Favor of 1750
    • Eyes of Darkness cosmetic
  • Reaching a Total Favor of 5000
    • Bloody Footprints cosmetic
  • Gaining 10 Reaper Enhancement Points
    • Special Tattered Cloak
  • Gaining 20 Reaper Enhancement Points
    • Blood Reaper Pet

The game is also awarding a cosmetic prize to players who are able to reach Level 20. In addition, the top 100 winners of the two ladders are going to be immortalized in the Hall of Heroes. Furthermore, any character who reaches at least Level 5 and survives on the server is going to be recognized in The DDO Chronicle newsletter.

Players who manage to reach a goal should immediately inform the Hardcore League NPC in order to collect their reward. The reward is going to be unlocked for their account and accessed by any of their characters on any of the servers.

The Hardcore League ends November 15 with players given a limited time to transfer any character from the Hardcore Server to any of the existing DDO servers of their choice. This includes characters who have died. The dead characters miraculously find their way out of the Land of Lost Souls to reenter the world of the living and resume play like a normal character. That said, it is not possible to transfer a character from another world to the Hardcore League.

The Hardcore League Server is a members-only experience that is available to VIP subscribers and Season Pass holders.

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