Dual Universe Update 1.1.0: New Features and Bug Fixes

Dual Universe Update 1.1.0
Dual Universe Update 1.1.0 Steam

The developers of Dual Universe released an update focused on several new features and bug fixes.

Crash Fixes

Developers have fixed a crash that players faced when trying to build and remote control at the same time. Besides that, another rare crash has been fixed but the dev team didn’t provide extra info about it.


A new feature has been introduced that allows players to “recycle” elements. This can be done on in-world elements and inventory elements. It is also applicable on elements that have lost lives, and doing so recovers one of the components stack used to craft the items. However, it excludes the intermediary parts.

Dual Universe Update 1.1.0

New Avatar Selection Interface
  • The avatar customization interface where you can apply colors to your avatar has had a rework and now includes the ability to select outfits.
Grid Snapping
  • [Deploy Ground Element Tool] Added grid snapping for Core units.
  • [Deploy Ground Element Tool] Rotation in precision mode or in free mode without contact surface is now available in all directions.
  • [Deploy Ground Element Tool] Rotation axis are now visible.
Gameplay Changes
  • [Lua] Methods for modifying screen unit html content are now deprecated. Use setRenderScript instead whenever possible.
  • [Localization] The whole game has been translated into French and German.
  • [Settings] Changed "disable html" settings to "enable html" setting (now disabled by default).
  • [Tool] Optimized link tool for large industry constructs.
  • [Piloting] Trajectory curve fades out at low speed.
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where selecting Body Type 1 showed a character with Body Type 2.
  • Fixed "Set as destination" buttons not being visible for territory scan item inspector in floating windows.
  • Fixed Industry unit notifications that now properly show the element name. Note: will not fix existing notifications.
  • [Repair Unit] Fixed animations in some scenarios.
  • Fixed Aegis market being in Madis moon 2 market list in market panel.
Known Issues
  • [Lua] The industry getInfo function field, schematicsRemaining, does not return a value until you request an acquisition from the schematic bank.
  • [Challenges] Despite a code rewrite, under rare circumstances the delivery objectives will still not be completed. We are investigating, however if this happens to you please contact support with a detailed description of how you tried to complete the challenge (especially how you deliver the items).

You can read more about it here.

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