Drift21 Update Patch Notes Includes Diversified Tires, New Scoring System, And More

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ECC GAMES S.A., the developer of Drift21, released an update that changes some aspects of the cars such as the gravitational center. The change in the center of gravity allows cars to corner at higher speeds without the car tipping over to the side. The developers have also added multiple types of tires with different parameters to suit any player’s playstyle on the road. Along with all these other changes, the developers have also reworked the UI system from scratch, so expect a much cleaner UI after the update.

Drift21 Update Patch Notes

You can find the patch notes below:

Driving model related changes:

  • Major changes to car control:
  • Tweaked gravitational center of each car,
  • Improved handling on long straights,
  • Snappier transitions,
  • Easier and more predictable drift initiation and maintaining
  • Rearranged and changed parameters of each tire and compound to suit different playstyles (big shout out to our Discord community! Thank You!)

Other changes:

  • Changed the way each asset is loaded, allocated, and presented in the game - major improvement in RAM allocation and usage. Be aware that this change may slightly affect loading times and expect further improvements in the near future.
  • Completely redesigned drift point counting system - car speed, drifting angle, and numerous events (such as Kiss The Wall should now have a more significant impact on score and multipliers)
  • Completely redesigned driving UI to properly show and highlight changes to drifting point counting
  • Changed how Kiss The Wall and Wall Tap events work - should be more transparent and forgiving
  • Changed the way in parking brake works - should prevent cars from moving on their own
  • Changed how penalty points works (allowed off-track wheels changed from 1 to 2) - drifting attempts should be more forgiving now
  • Changed how drift zones or clipping zones work - these are optional now, but completing them guarantees a significant amount of points
  • Changed a way challenge requirements work - cars with higher Dyno stages should now be allowed
  • Rebalanced challenges to suit recent drift point counting changes


  • Added Inclinometer to show drifting angles and limitations of each car
  • Added new camera - a much looser variant, allowing for a wider lean from the focus point
  • Added option to change display method (fullscreen, windowed, borderless)
  • Added another Anti-Aliasing in video settings - SMAA
  • Added option to adjust Gamma in video settings
  • Added another fps limiting thresholds in video settings - 120 fps and 144 fps
  • Added small time delay after passing through the finish line
  • Added an indicator to distinguish owned parts from the unpurchased ones
  • Added an icon displayed during automatic saving
  • Added an option to adjust smoke effects
  • Added multiple audio cues during challenges (to inform about passing through checkpoints, active timers, or drift zone fails)


  • Fixed a bug that caused tire parameters in Warehouse to show improperly
  • Fixed a bug that caused fonts in Dyno to show with improper size
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from browsing through tracks in the Track View window using “Q” and “E” buttons
  • Fixed bugs where no options were highlighted on pop-ups when using a gamepad
  • Fixed a bug which prevented players from opening trunk doors or masks
  • Fixed a bug which prevented players from throwing held items
  • Fixed graphic glitches in multiple part icons in Warehouse
  • Fixed an issue where the filter window did not close after clearing the filters
  • Fixed an issue with missing tooltips after finishing a challenge
  • Fixed an issue which led to players being unable to access the Show Missing Parts mode
  • Fixed an issue where player selections were not saved in the Driving Setup window
  • Fixed issues with UI elements not highlighting while using a gamepad (such as Field of View option)
  • Fixed an issue where it was not possible to undo the first tutorial pop-up (in the main menu) using the “Back” button
  • Fixed multiple building textures on Driftland, School, Minami, North, and West tracks.
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