Dragon Quest Builders 2 Gets A Multiplayer Trailer, Pre-Order Bonus Detailed

Build a gigantic Slime with your friends.
A new multiplayer trailer debuts for Dragon Quest Builders 2, showcasing the stuff you can do with your friends.
A new multiplayer trailer debuts for Dragon Quest Builders 2, showcasing the stuff you can do with your friends. Square Enix

Next Friday will see the release of Dragon Quest Builders 2, one of the most anticipated titles this year for both Dragon Quest and sandbox gameplay fans. This sequel first released in Japan back in December to a very positive critical reception, and on July 12 fans all over the world will be able to enjoy it as well.

While the first Dragon Quest Builders was an overall success and a was received very positively, it did lack some features that will now be introduced in Dragon Quest Builders 2, much to the delight of its fanbase. In this title, players will be able to fly and travel underwater, which opens up new and exciting opportunities for adventure. Players can also fast-travel now, with the function being relegated to a kind of retro-style map.

The biggest change, however, is a new four-player cooperative multiplayer feature, which allows players to build and explore various locations with their friends. This newest feature is the highlight of Dragon Quest Builders 2’s newest trailer, which showcases the stuff you can do in this cooperative multiplayer mode. Check out the trailer below, as commentated on by a rather overenthusiastic gentleman.

The footage starts off with four friends in the Isle of Awakening, as they all get ready to start on a new playthrough together. The showcase includes a character creator with all four players participating, which is quite extensive, to say the least. Afterwards, gameplay is pretty seamless: a portal can be activated to join other players.

But what can you do with the multiplayer mode for Dragon Quest Builders 2? For starters, you can build huge creations together, which is something that is more challenging to do when you’re playing alone. The trailer showcased some very cool-looking creations, such as a set of towers connected by minecarts on railroads and a rendition of Palm Tree Palace. Of course, it’s not Dragon Quest without the Slime, and the players pay their tribute by building a massive statue of Rocket, the protagonist of the spinoff Rocket Slime.

The trailer ended with some pre-order bonus news, informing that those who get the Day One edition will get the Stackable Slime DLCs on release.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 will be released for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch on July 12.

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