Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds Celebrates Six-Month Anniversary

A different kind of celebration.
A different kind of celebration. Square Enix

A lot of games often celebrate their first anniversary since the official release. That’s not what’s happening with Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds. Instead, Square Enix and DeNA are celebrating the game’s half anniversary. Then again, the celebration is rather warranted considering that in the six months since the release of this mobile RPG, it has been downloaded at least 5 million times.

For this limited-time Half Anniversary Celebration, players can expect bonuses and gifts in the likes of Blue Gems and Treasure Keys, to name a few. This Half Anniversary Celebration runs until April 9.

Here’s what players can enjoy throughout the celebration period:

  • Half Anniversary Celebration Login Bonus
    • Players get access to several perks including up to 5 Half Anniversary Free x10 Treasure Keys, for up to a total of 50 Treasure Hunts.
    • Other login bonuses like up to 3,000 Blue Gems, and items that aid in progressing players’ teams such as Level-Up Challenge Tickets.
    • All players get 5,000 Blue Gems as a celebratory present.
  • Transform with Draconic Rage
    • Players have the chance to get equipment for the Puff! special move.
    • This lets them momentarily transform into a dragon and deal massive damage.
    • This can be obtained in the Illustrious Hero & Puff! Treasure Hunt.
  • ​Train with the Illustrious Hero
    • This new limited time-event has players train alongside hero tutor Avan.
  • Completing the event gives access to a powerful new 4-star soul crystal Avan (Illustrious Hero).
    • It can be used to power up players’ teams, as well as up to 30 Treasure Hunt Keys for the Illustrious Hero & Puff! Treasure Hunt.
  • Become a Martial Artist
    • Players can now change their customizable Luminary Leader to this new vocation.
    • This agile fighter is a master of hand-to-hand combat and can unleash fierce close-range physical attacks.
  • Receive Welcome Gift and Rewards
    • A “Welcome Gift” of 6,000 Blue Gems is available to all new players.
    • Claim it within 30 days of logging into the game.
  • ​Limited-Time 4-Star Weapon Guaranteed Treasure Hunt
    • All players get access to a special one-time Treasure Hunt that’s guaranteed to give a powerful 4-star weapon at the cost of 300 Red Gems.
    • This Treasure Hunt is available for the first 72 hours after first logging into the game during this campaign.

Learn more about the celebration here.

Dragon Quest The Adventure of Dai: A Hero’s Bonds is available on Android and iOS.

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