Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster: Nappa And Captain Ginyu Added

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Nappa as he appears in the Dragon Ball Z anime
Nappa as he appears in the Dragon Ball Z anime Toei Animation

Two new fighters are joining Dragon Ball FighterZ when it releases in 2018. The Saiyan, Nappa, and the leader of the Ginyu Force, Captain Ginyu, will be added to the game’s growing roster.

According to V-Jump -- via Siliconera -- the story of Dragon Ball FighterZ goes as follows. When the story begins, all of the Z-Fighters fall one by one. Then Goku awakens, with the player character spiritually linked to him.

Players will link with different characters based on the current chapter (or volumes) of the story. The Androids Volume will have the player link to Android 18 and the Enemy Warriors Volume will have players link to Frieza. The bonds with the player and character can be deepened, which will unlock private conversations. It’s unclear whether fostering such bonds will unlock anything else.

In the Story Mode, players progress by fighting and advancing through the map. There will also be times where players have to choose whether to fight for experience, save allies, learn skills and more.

The new characters revealed in V-Jump describe Nappa as able to summon Saibamen. His Meteor special attack is “Kapa,” where the Saiyan fires an energy blast from his mouth.

Captain Ginyu will have the ability to call out all of the members of the Ginyu Force. His Meteor special attack is “Body Change,” allowing him to swap characters and health.

The magazine also revealed the Japanese release date for Dragon Ball FighterZ. Japan will receive the fighting game on Feb. 1, 2018 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. North America and Europe are still expected to receive the game in early 2018.

Nappa and Ginyu join the following as part of the Dragon Ball FighterZ roster: Goku, Teen Gohan, Vegeta, Trunks, Android 18, Android 16, Krillin, Piccolo, Frieza, Cell, Majin Buu, Yamcha and Tien.

So what do you think the new characters coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ? Who do you hope to see? Let us know in the comments section below.

Dragon Ball FighterZ
Setting The Bar For Fighting Games In 2018
Dragon Ball FighterZ lives up to the hype that manifested from its initial reveal. Its gorgeous art style and movements compliment some really crisp and fluid gameplay that anyone can pick up and enjoy.
  • Original Voice Cast
  • Gorgeous Visuals
  • Fluid, accessible fighting
  • Story Mode feels ripped from anime
  • Story mode too easy early on
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