Dragon Ball FighterZ Mods Let You Customize Characters & More On PC

Black Goku gets his "Super Saiyan Rose" transformation in one of the Dragon Ball FighterZ mods.
Black Goku gets his "Super Saiyan Rose" transformation in one of the Dragon Ball FighterZ mods. Bandai Namco

When the possibility of mods for a game exists, people will jump on the bandwagon in the blink of an eye, and that’s especially true when you throw popular franchises like Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball Super into the mix. A group of very talented modders have undertaken the very important job of creating new and awesome costumes for Dragon Ball FighterZ on PC, and they’re actually pretty great.

There’s an entire website you can peruse surrounding mods for the game over at FighterZMods.com, featuring everything from recolors to ground-up reskins of characters that honestly should have already been in the game, but probably weren’t added since some of them aren’t truly canon anymore (like Dragon Ball GT’s Baby Vegeta). Among some of the skins you can currently download are Super Saiyan 3 Goku, Full Power Frieza, and Kid Gohan. If you’re not interested in these alterations, you can go for lower profile recolors like base forms of Goku and Vegeta and the rest of the gang. Some of the base versions for various characters aren’t in the game yet, so this is an important boon for fans.

If you’ve never done any modding or aren’t familiar with how it works on PC, each different mod comes with instructions on how to download and install them to your Dragon Ball FighterZ. It goes without saying, but these are obviously only for those who bought the PC version. As far as when players can expect new costumes and characters to arrive officially, the season pass will yield eight new combatants. The season pass costs $35 for the privilege of beefing up your roster, but Bandai Namco has yet to unveil the complete future roster. Still, we expect there are some decent choices being added, like Broly. Everyone likes Broly, right?

Dragon Ball FighterZ’s only been out for just over a week and since its debut on PC, it’s quickly rocketed to the top of SteamCharts as the most-played fighting game on the platform of all time, beating out heavy-hitters like Street Fighter and Tekken, which is pretty hard to believe. These mods will no doubt help to attract new players, so look for more of them as time goes by.

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