Dragon Ball FighterZ The Most Popular Fighting Game Ever On Steam

Vegeta is pleased.
Vegeta is pleased. Bandai Namco

Dragon Ball FighterZ has only been available for PC players for about a day, and it's already managed to reach a very impressive milestone. Just two hours after it arrived on Steam for a cavalcade of PC players around the world, it enjoyed a meteoric rise up the Steam charts, amassing over 40,000 concurrent players. Those numbers make it the most-played Steam fighting game of all time, according to numbers recorded by SteamCharts.

Perhaps what makes things even more impressive is the fact that Dragon Ball FighterZ had a slight delay to PC. Fans don't seem to have been bothered at all by this, ravenously tearing into the fighting game and sinking their teeth in, hungry for the newest Dragon Ball-centric game.

To put things in perspective, SteamCharts lists all-time peak player counts for other popular fighting game titles like Tekken 7 , Street Fighter V , Mortal Kombat X , and Ultra Street Fighter IV , which are all ridiculously low numbers compared to FighterZ. Tekken 7's all-time high was 18,766 players, while Street Fighter V peaked at 13,807. Even though Dragon Ball FighterZ pales in comparison to PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds level of peak concurrent players, it's still extremely impressive for the game to have attained this milestone so soon after release.

It's easy to see why Dragon Ball FighterZ is so popular. While its fighter roster is smaller than other games based on the Dragon Ball franchise, its combat is tighter, quicker, and more polished. Arc System Works has gone out of its way to make a fighter that looks and feels the most authentic out of the past Dragon Ball -related fighters over the years, and it shows. It also has plenty of customization options along with an engaging storyline and great multiplayer. It's the closest thing fans have right now to reliving some of the most memorable battles from Dragon Ball Super , plus some new surprises along the way. It’s a great game and there’s no doubt it will continue its sweep of Steam and other platforms as well.

Dragon Ball FighterZ debuted Jan. 26 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Have you been blazing through the story mode? Let us know who you’re playing as in the comments below.

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