Doughlings: Invasion Release Date - Prepare To Shoot It Out On Switch Next Month

Defend yourself from the alien invasion!
Defend yourself from the alien invasion! Hero Concept

Doughlings: Invasion is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch this August 8. This latest addition to the series brings with it a fun gaming experience not only to console gamers, but for PC players as well, no matter what age they may be.

The story follows right where the first game left off. This time around, our hero Morpheus arms himself in order to defend his people from the alien invaders. The shapeshifting hero is more than ready for battle as he brings his unique personas, all armed to the teeth. The game features:

  • A new breath of life into the classic arcade shooter genre.
  • 5 distinct personas whose unique skills you can level up.
  • 15 different breeds of invaders that pose unique threats.
  • 5 grueling bosses.
  • Challenging the world with global leaderboards.

For this version of the game, players get to experience some notable gameplay mechanics that include:

  • DNA
    • Doughlings: Invasion features five different characters as power-ups unlike other space invader clones. The player can become one of those characters for a limited amount of time by collecting the DNA sprites during gameplay.
  • LAB
    • An RPG style upgrade system is one of the key elements of Doughlings. To proceed to further levels, players need to upgrade their characters using the Elixir collected int he game’s level. Each upgrade gives special add-ons to each of the characters abilities. It is possible to upgrade successive abilities though they need higher amounts of Elixir.
    • Players can activate unique abilities for each persona via the Show Off mechanic. These special abilities are designed not only for attacking but also to create alternative strategies within the gameplay, whether offensive or defensive.
    • Players need to face a total of 12 unique targets in the game. The targets have been placed not only to make the levels harder but also to give players different alternative gameplay options.
    • Each time players complete a game, they unlock a harder difficulty going all the way to what is known as “Insane Mode.” Since the game dynamics change, it means that older strategies become useless and thus force players to come up with newer strategies. The game deepens and evolves as players complete it.
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